Jan. 2nd, 2008

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Today is essay day!

Haven't actually written anything yet, but I have decided what's going to go in my conclusion - just need to do the middle, the end, and re-write the intro now...

And so far all I can think about is blueberry muffins and how badly not knowing what I want to do for a career sucks. :/

Had a txt from Chris asking if I could do the morning shift tomorrow and friday as well as my weekend shift, but I was strong and told him I was busy essaying.

Still, food is distracting me.

I'm not sure if it's worth the amount of time it'll take me to get up, showered, dressed, and down to Somerfield (Sainsbury's is def too far for a craving) - but then again I've already wasted half an hour trying to figure out if it's worth doing, so maybe I should just go & stop wasting time sitting here thinking? *growls at self*

Think I will go - maybe the walk will help clear my head of depressing job-stuff. :)


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