Jan. 3rd, 2008

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I overslept a bit today - meant to get up at 7, but didn't wake 'til quarter to 10. :/ My alarm's so stupid; if I don't turn it off or snooze it, it goes silent - how is that meant to wake me up?!

Anyway, I'm really glad I'm not going out today, it's snowed, and I just hope it melts in time for work on saturday. *shivers*

Y*day I didn't get much essay done in the end - shocker! - but I did get a bit of reading done, watch 2 episodes of Bones S1, and 2 episodes of Gilmore Girls S1...

It was my own fault for oversleeping as well, 'cause I chose a really good SGA fic, where the Mummy film was basically redone, only as a McShep pre-slash, over going to sleep at a reasonable time. ^_^ Would feel more guilty, but it was a really really good fic - my only hope is that there's a sequel!

So today I'm taking the rare and detested route of turning off my wireless, and banning myself from my DVDs.
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Ugh. A day of work and I have about 300 words to show for it, approximately 237 of which will need heavy editing. Somehow my target of having it finished by monday is looking a tad optimistic.

Need to do something...get a ball to bounce on the wall maybe - anything to get my synapses firing! Mind you I keep remembering things from my lectures, and snippets from books, which I want to put in but then I can't find any ref material. I even thought of something from an SGA fanfic which would work! On how science is basically a crock of shit 'cause you can never fully prove anything, so scientists are never going to be happy, and it's bullshit 'cause even if it hasn't been disproved yet they'll still say it could be if by saying that it'll fit into their cunning evil master-plan! But I couldn't remember where I read something like that. :p

Am going to be so fat by the time this essay is done. I had a box of 6 orange and carrot mini cakes y*day, and now that box is empty. Had to resort to eating my dates, which are really yummy but not quite as satisfying as something disgustingly unhealthy would be. So I'm going to stock up when I go to Sainsbury's on saturday! :)

Okay, internet break over, now I need to go and stare at my mind-breakingly-hard essay. Yet again.


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