Jan. 5th, 2008

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Me tired...Spent about 6 hours walking already today. Went to work, which was nearly a catastrophe 'cause I didn't have enough bread, but by changing the numbers slightly I was able to get most of it done & Chris seemed happy enough with it (and apparently I'm the best sandwich-maker out of all the team - woohoo, compliments!!). Then after work I went to Sainsbury's (got snack'a'jacks, double packet of choc chip cookies and a bag of pretzels as my essay snacks), I got there just in time for it to open which was good, and then afterwards I had to walk back into town.

Realised via facebook that I'd missed my housemate's b*day on the 3rd, so I wrote a quick message on her wall wishing her well, and then today I decided I'd better get her a pressie 'cause I don't know when she's coming back. So I ended up walking 'round the town 3 times, waiting for the stores to open, and going back and checking to see if they had opened once I'd moved past them. I felt like a ninny, going past the open Starbucks and Cafe Nero 3 times, and it didn't help that I had all my food shopping with me now too. :/

Eventually I just went into Cafe Nero and treated myself to a blueberry muffin - yes! Craving satisfied! ^_^ - and when I came out Accessorize had just opened so I quickly ran in.

Managed to find a necklace in the sale that would suit Steph in under a minute, then felt bad so looked around a bit more and found another necklace which would also suit her. Then I couldn't decide which one to get, so I bought both of them and left, thinking vague thoughts of wrapping both and making Steph pick herself.

Almost got the bus, but talked myself out of being lazy last min, and then I walked back home. Unpacked all my shopping, and then I raced 'round the house taking all the decorations down and doing some quick hoovering.

Settled down a min ago with a mug of hot chocolate and my muffin, and looked over the necklaces I bought. The second necklace unfortunately wasn't in the sale, which I kind of suspected anyway so I'm not too concerned with that...but giving Steph both the necklaces does seem a bit overkill now, and while I could still do the 'wrap-both-and-make-her-choose' thing I only really like one of the necklaces...so I think I'll just give it to myself as a treat right now! lol

If Steph does come back today I'll just tell her I haven't finished getting her present ready, and tomorrow I'll go into Hotel Chocolate and get her something fancy to give with the necklace.

It really doesn't look like I'll be finishing this essay by monday like planned. I've got such mixed feelings about it that I think I've been subconsciously sabotaging my own efforts. :/ And tbh with lessons starting again next week I just want to chill a bit - without then feeling guilty.


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