Jan. 6th, 2008

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Oh dear, Steph and Sam came back last night/afternoon. Steph arrived first, at 4:30ish, when I was making my tea and starting to get ready for bed. Think she was expecting a more enthusiastic reception, but that's kinda hard to muster when housemate won't stay in the same room when I try to get a conversation going! She just kept walking back into her bedroom even though I was in the middle of saying something, and it wasn't a case of her still listening to me, it was a case of 'oh she's not saying anything interesting I'm just going to do my own thing'.

So that was a great reunion. Made me so happy to have her back. *sarcasm*

Then Sam's arrival was even better! I was in bed by then, not asleep, but doing my normal 'one fic before bed' thing. And she starts vacuuming her bedroom. -_- I wasn't impressed! Apparently though she didn't know I was in - and Steph didn't jump to my sleeping ear's defense, so if I was actually trying to get to sleep at that point I'd've been screwed. As it was I was just annoyed with how inconsiderate that was, 'cause I figured by now she should know when I work.

I went to sleep around when I intended though, so I wasn't happy she was back, but not grumpy about it.

Then this morning when I got up for work I found she'd left the bloody landing light on all night, and all of her suitcases, which were still half full, were cramming the landing.

By the time I got back from work though her & her mum were gone - as was Steph (she's at work today, yay!) - which was a relief. Then I discovered they'd left the hot water on, and despite only being in for less than a day the kitchen floor was already covered in crap! And it wasn't from me either, I swept it y*day, and today it was covered in quinoa (think pepper seeds, only tiny, and they're actually come kind of grain thing), and Sam is the only one who cooks using that ingredient. :/

So I swept that up, then had a shower, turned off the hot water, emptied my bedroom bin, wrapped Steph's present, and by that point Sam had returned. I thought to begin with that she'd returned with Steph, but it was her mum still, and when I went downstairs for some food (no breakfast yet + 2 cups of coffee = slightly manic me) I found Sam cleaning the downstairs bathroom in an apron while her mum enjoyed a cup of tea in the kitchen.

How can she leave the kitchen an absolute tip all the time, and yet then don an apron and make a big deal out of cleaning the bathroom?!

Anyway, am glad they've done it, but still wish they weren't here.

Am now going to toddle off to the essay of doom, snack'a'jacks clutched bravely in my fist!
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Woohoo! Have actually written stuff - and I think it might even be good!

Housemates update: Sam's mum has finally left, and Lianne & her 'rents arrived to take her place. Haven't actually seen any of them yet though 'cause I'm closeted in my room working, which is probably really rude, but I'm not yet annoyed with them so I'm thinking this can only be a good thing. *g*

Just had a horrible cup of tea. :p Had to throw out the rest of my old box of teabags, it only had about 2 left so wasn't too bad, but they tasted like cupboard. So I went and bought some pricey(er) tea (PG Tips) to see if they fair any better - even moved them to a different cupboard to see if that helps - but they taste kack even without my cupboard's influence! The first time I've ever not-liked a new brand of tea, and I'm actually tempted to see if I can get a refund. :/

I'll give them another go tomorrow and see if it's any better then - might just be 'cause I'm in a coffee mood today or something...speaking of, I forgot to mention I managed to get coffee on my face earlier!

Was carrying a coffee from work through town to the optician's (the stupid phone woman hadn't written down my appointment though, so I got there to find out they were fully booked & my name wasn't down anywhere), and of course it started to leak out the lid 'cause I was jostling it while walking, and then I had coffee all over my hand. And 'cause I'm 'special' I went and rubbed my cheek (I think it was itchy but I'm not sure), and then...coffee-cheek!


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