Jan. 9th, 2008

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Oh frig! *sigh* I just dropped Lianne's electric toothbrush charger in the toilet - metal plug end first. :s

She's not here that much again anyway since her & Steve got back together, so I've just dried it with some loo roll and left it unplugged - hopefully when she does get 'round to using it it won't electrocute her...

Essay's not going well (still), so it looks like going to Loll Loll's is becoming another one of those things I back out of. :/

The essay's nearly finished - could probably do it in one more day...if I was trying to do it at my normal standard. But to get a 1st I realised last night I'm going to have to restructure the whole damn thing, finish it, go over it with a fine tooth comb, and then probably re-write the whole bugger again anyway!

I just don't know how to write a 1st standard essay, but I do know that what I've got so far is of the same level my other ones were - which just isn't good enough.

And when I finally get this one finished I've got 2 more to do from scratch, as well as my project essay to plan out a bit more & start, and I'll still have lessons and weekly homeworks to get through.

Have already decided I'm just going to drop japanese entirely - I won't get a refund, but I know I won't have time to do any extra learning so there's zero point me attending the lessons.

Having said all that I'm still going to see friends this term - meeting Sukriti at 1pm for lunch, and tomorrow I'm seeing Yani at 2:30pm for coffee & cookies. So I'm just going to quickly open a new word document, set up the structure I want my essay to take, and then I'll probably have to head on to campus. When I get back though I'm going to move what I've already written so that it fits this new structure, and then I'm going to figure out what pieces I'm missing and try to find them.

I really can't afford to have any of these essays left for easter break - will need all my time to be focused on my project essay by then.

God all this work is so annoying! I'm not even sure I'm capable of writing a 1st standard essay - and I'm not even sure if they give out that mark at this uni!

Oh well, I've best get cracking with that essay structure.


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