Jan. 12th, 2008

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Was at work today and Chris was really late to arrive for once, so I had to hang about and wait for him 'cause there was a pot of soup on for him to take to his police training (he's doing that 'special' police support thing - I forget what it's called - where they're not actually police?). He mentioned off-hand that he's looking for new early morning people 'cause Jane's gone. I think that's for her uni work placement, but I'm not sure, and I'm thinking I should tell him when I'm going to be leaving as well so he can look to replace me too.

I think I'll wait 'til we've booked our plane tickets though, so I can tell him an exact date.

Realised y*day afternoon that I was meant to have gone to the opticians that morning for a checkup, but despite having a personal organiser for xmas I still managed to completely forget about it. I'll have to try and sort that out again next week.

I also got my weekly shopping done this morning, then walked home, have just had my 2nd breakfast and now I'm thinking about my essay again.

I basically stalled to a halt the other day. Went and looked at the question again, and tried to figure out how to do a 1st standard essay, then I went and looked at my module booklet again and listed all the major ideas we covered over the course. And now I'm hesitating at the bit where I try to integrate it in.

Think I might need to abandon this essay for a bit and start another one. It feels like it normally does when I've finished the essay and have to try and proof read it - when I'm so sick of the sight of it that it all looks the same, and all the words run together and mean nothing to me.

So today I'm going to go through all the books I've got out of the lib at the mo, figure out what parts will be useful to this essay and note it all down, and then tomorrow I'll return them to the lib and get ones out for my second essay.

I won't be able to get started on my 3rd essay 'til about week 5 anyway - I'm not expecting them to give us the essay questions 'til then - so at the moment I've just got 2 essays to juggle.


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