Jan. 16th, 2008

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Didn't get home 'til gone 1am last night - spent the day on campus and then the evening/night 'round yani & co's. We were sorting out our travel plans, and wanted to buy at least some of our plane tickets, unfortunately when it came time to book them none of us had our passports on us ('cos we're idiots), so we couldn't do it.

Laura gave me a lift home 'cause it was pissing it down and really late, and then I just fell in bed.

Been on campus again pretty much all day - but not got anything useful done (again).

Had arranged it so I'd go 'round there's later than y*day, so we'd all have a chance to get some of our work done, but when I was on campus lil' steph rang me & they wanted to book our singapore flights right then!

Didn't have passport on me - obv! - but said if they gave me an hour I could go home & get it. So then she said they'd come by in 2 hours on their way back from Tesco's. That was at about 3pm.

So I got home, had something to eat, and have been waiting for them to pick me up. :/

Didn't get started on any work 'cause didn't think I had time, but they're now about an hour late. I've just txt'd them and they're stuck in traffic, so asked if I can walk to theirs in half an hour. But if I go to theirs in half an hour I won't leave again 'til gone midnight, I won't have cooked any food, and I won't have done any work.

So I've just replied that I might as well just come later like planned - and now that I know they're def not on their way to get me I'm going to put a sweet potato in the oven and get some work done!


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