Jan. 28th, 2008

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Okay, update, update...hmm, nothing all that interesting has been happening but I'll see what I can do! :)

Going on from my last update, in the end I heard from Laura & co again and they demanded I go 'round earlier rather than later, so the sweet potato was a no-go, and instead I went to theirs. Said as soon as I got in that I could only stay for an hour, but then nothing was getting done so I got set up on lil' Steph's laptop (she'd gone out for a meal with some work friends) and did my homework reading, and then I ended up staying 'til late (though not as late as normal) so I begged food off them again.

There was a huge mix-up with our Japan plane tickets - in that I had to do the booking twice 'cause the first one didn't go through, but then it showed up on my credit card receipt twice (though neither time was money taken out for it), and then when I rang the airline they said neither of them went through. So Yani booked the same flights on her card, but then it turned out one of my bookings had gone through...so we had two sets of tickets.

Anyway! Have now got that straightened out, but despite us cancelling the 2nd booking, and it being confirmed as being non-existent now, the airline have still taken money from Yani for it (we got told it would be refunded, free of charge, but she's still worried 'cause they took it out quite a few days after it had been cancelled), so she's going to ring them again and make sure they'll give it her back.

Hmm...what else?

Last week was pretty useless essay-wise; my uni classes disrupt tuesday and thursday (thursday esp, as I'm on campus all day, with only hour gaps between classes), so nothing gets done on them, friday's always a half day 'cause I get ready for bed so early, and there's food and stuff to think about. And then on my completely free days people always distract me, or I have tasks I need to get done, or I just generally can't concentrate. :/

So I said to myself - and everyone else around me! lol - that this week I'd do a complete essay-blitz and get the two already-started essays finished by monday. That way I'll still have half a term to do my third essay, and also get my project essay properly planned out (still need to see my supervisor, but I'm not going until I've got it figured out more than the last time I saw her, otherwise it's completely pointless!).

That isn't going so well today.

I keep feeling sick, but I'm not sure how much of that is me just getting worked up about how much I hate these essays. The Health one isn't actually going badly, but I'm still in that place where I've got loads of ideas, and I can write stuff, but it all sounds really un-researched, and with nothing to back it up. I need a lot more references than I've got so far! Still, I've got quite a good essay plan worked out for that. It's the Animal one I'm still really dreading...

I had a study session with Sukriti on saturday - got a bit written, but it was more the company that I liked. Still, we did distract each other, so I'm not that keen to do it again!

Ooh, and HAPPY B*DAY LOLL LOLL!!!!! *hugs & kisses*!
I spoke to Loll Loll on friday, but think I was a bit distracted by trying to cook, not having much signal, and just me being in my general zombie state (it's becoming increasingly common thanks to the ever-present gloom weighing me down 'cause of my essays). Still, was great to speak to her again, and I'm going to give her a ring later as well 'cause it's her b*day. :)

Last night was quite good - Yani & co came 'round with two big dishes of vegetable lasagne and a bowl of salad. Originally me & Steph were meant to go 'round theirs, but their oven broke, so they needed ours to cook it! lol

That food was really good, and I'd made a plum cobbler for dessert (just quickly threw it together as thank-you for always feeding me), and got some ice cream to have with it.

Originally the lasagne was meant to serve 6, but Fauziah backed out of coming last minute. We managed to polish it off though - everyone had seconds, and the whole cobbler got eaten too, though I'm glad I only made a mini one. XD

Anyway, as I think I've already said, my essay-mode isn't going so well so far. I've banned myself from tv, dvds, downloads, books, and 'anything fun'...but I think I might have to re-phrase my own decree so that instead I only have half a day where I'm allowed to indulge.

The other half has to be devoted entirely to work. And uni classes will fall under the title of 'indulgence', so they don't cut in on my work half of the day.

That means I have until 4:30pm to doss about (ringing Loll Loll at 4, so that can fall into 'indulge' time), then from 4:30 to 11:30pm is going to be essay time, then I can go to sleep! ^_^

I doubt this'll really work, but I'm going to try my best!
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Well I worked from about 4:50 'til 6:30 - which is nothing out of the half a day I'd assigned. Yet I'd managed to yoink 1,000ish (2 pages) of work out; which is a bloody miracle compared to my recent spate of day-long/faffing & only having one sentence to show for it!

I'd still be doing it now but I had a break for dinner, and then when I came back I got distracted by my new locket...which led to me wondering if I'd be able to shrink any of my photos to put in it (it's tiny, about 1cmx1cm), which then led to me looking through my photos. And then crying over my cousin's wedding pics - not 'cause it was exceptionally emotional, just because of the ones where my mum & dad are together, and now I know they'd already agreed to split up by then, so I actually have photographic evidence of them pulling the wool over our eyes. :(

Anyway, think I'm over my crying jag now, but I'm not sure if I'll be able to convince myself to work anymore today. I'm now at 2,500 words, so only another 2,000 to go. And I've already got my next section outlined, but I skipped ahead because I wanted to get down a bit about Scrubs and House, but it wouldn't have made sense in that section...

I might quit now, read for 2 hours, then force myself to go to bed early (though I'll no doubt be tempted to stay up 'til 12 reading). And then I could force myself up uber early tomorrow and do a few hours work before my 9:15.

I've got to write up a 500 word report on a ganzfeld we did last week, to be handed in on thursday, and I figured I'd do that after my lecture, but before my optician appointment in town (at 2pm), and the faster I get it written & printed, the faster I can get to town & do some shopping for my dad's b*day pressie. Plus I want a new handbag.

And then I'd go straight home after my eye-check, and launch straight into essay again.

So I could in theory finish it tomorrow - though of course all my referencing etc will take an extra day when I can be arsed to go hunting.

Which gives me wednesday and friday, and a bit of saturday to do the other essay. :/ Not v.much I guess...

It's so tempting to leave the essay now, and it's also tempting to cram in as much work tonight as I can - but I know I'll end up spouting a bunch of nonsense if I do that...so I guess really I need to figure out how to make sure I don't end up spouting a bunch of nonsense... *hits self on head*

Don't think that worked.


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