Jan. 29th, 2008

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Ugh, haven't got any essay done - so much for getting in half a day when I've got classes as well!

I did go to bed early in the end...I even woke up at 4:30am without prompting (I'd set my alarm for 5)...but then I went back to sleep for 2 1/2 more hours, sleeping through my alarm. :/ So I didn't get the pre-uni essaying in either!

I did successfully do my 500 word Ganzfeld write-up report though, so it hasn't been a complete waste of a day. :)

Also got my contact lense check-up out of the way finally, and got my dad's b*day pressie. Given I was already in town I also went looking for a new bag, 'cause I'm mildly obsessed with getting a new one, but I didn't see any I liked. So I kinda bought a new top instead. It was on sale though, so I only spent £7, and now I feel a bit more confident about seeing my relatives this weekend, 'cause it's all sparkly, so it should look like I've dressed up a bit!

By the time all that was sorted though it was coming to 4 when I got home, and I was v.hungry from no-lunch, so I had some porridge and stuck a jacket in the oven. Wasted about an hour trying to cook that, speak to Steph and Sam, and then trying to figure out how to dl Reaper on 4oD (turns out can't dl it yet 'cause 4 don't have the rights to the show). And then I was determined to have an hour of relaxing time, but the internet kept being stupid, and then I needed a snack, and then I had to try to organise when I'm visiting my supervisor for my project essay, and then it got to this time!

Sam, Steph and Lianne have just gone to Buzz bar for dinner - mmmmm japanese food!!!!

I love Buzz bar! Tbh I probably would've blown off staying in - I can already tell I'm just going to blow off essay tonight - but given how much I spent in town today, and having already treated myself to a new top, I didn't think an expensive dinner was the best way to go. :s

Really wish I'd stuck with my original plan of skiving today's lecture - was the only one from that course that I could reasonably miss, and was even more of a waste of time 'cause I'd already read the lecture online (thinking I wasn't going to be there). C'est la vie! *shrug*

Tomorrow I'm definitely finishing this essay though. I can do it. I just need to make myself.

And then I'm going to track down some of the papers the lecturer for that module has written and check out his own writing style, to help me restructure it to the best marking potential. ;)

So to sum up: today I was very very bad, but tomorrow I'll be very very good!


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