Feb. 1st, 2008

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y*day was absolutely knackering. I had my first full thursday of the term - previously one of my lecturers had been away one week, and another week we only had our seminar with him & not the lecture...y*day I had both though.

So I ended up on campus at 9:15 for breakfast with Sukriti, then our lecture started at 10, finished at 12:30, then we had lunch, then I had a seminar 1:15 'til 3:15, then I had an hour break, and then a second seminar at 4:15, and that didn't finish 'til 6:15. My bum was so numb!!

Afterwards I walked with Sukriti to her house, to borrow her Transformers DVD (yay!!! I'm planning on watching it on the train this sunday), and then I walked to campus with her 'cause she was going to a friend's for dinner, and that was my route home. We departed there though, and I skirted around the campus instead of going through it.

Got home about quarter to 8, and had to ring Yani quickly 'cause she wanted me to book the Singapore flights. This is why I'm up so early incidentally, as I apparently need to ring at 8:30am. :s

Then my mum rang at about 8pm, so I didn't get to make dinner 'til half past, and didn't get to my room 'til quarter to 10.

Oh, and of course I didn't have any time to get essay work in. :/

I did spend all of wednesday on my essay though! I kept getting distracted of course, but I didn't give up on it & turn to watching any tv or anything. Worked at home from about 9:30 'til 5pm, then I went to the library, thinking I'd bash it all night 'til it was roughly done. Unfortunately I was naive and didn't realise the library would be busy at that time of night...

Did manage to get a computer, and worked for an hour and half more, but I hate being in the library when it's busy & I couldn't concentrate any longer. And then I managed to convince myself that getting both essays finished by the end of next week would be close enough to finishing by the middle of term to satisfy my initial goal.

So I'm a bit more relaxed now, though am really hoping will have this medicine one finished before monday, so I can concentrate solely on the other one. I'm really not looking forward to this weekend though, juggling work & my trip to Manchester is going to be a bitch.

I'm contemplating doing both shifts on saturday, but then I feel a bit guilty 'cause the prepared food should really only get date stamped 'til tuesday in that case, whereas when I do it on a sunday it gets date stamped for wednesday. Was thinking it'd be okay if I finish past midnight, as technically that is sunday, but I'm not so sure, given the food prep should be mostly finished before then. It's mostly the peppers and onions I'm worrying about 'cause I know for a fact those are used throughout the week, whereas everything else will be used up on monday.

I don't know, I'm too confused! And now I'm going to go and grab some porridge.
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Still haven't got the flights booked, instead the ticket prices keep getting more and more expensive!

The guy I was supposed to ring has buggered off 'til sunday (I think he's hiding from Laura, 'cause he knew he couldn't actually guarantee the flights & yet told her he could). Instead I spoke to a nice guy, who looked through Declan's records and couldn't find any mention of us or our tickets...which apparently will have left the system if reserved more than 10 days previously.

So he couldn't offer us the tickets at the price Declan had, but the cheapest he could get us were only about £11 more expensive. After confirming that with Yani, I then had to go and ask him if we could return any later than originally asked. Told him how if we couldn't get a later ticket was okay, 'cause we'd just pay to change once out there...only to be told that our tickets were so cheap we wouldn't be able to pay to change!

So then he went and looked up later tickets for us, and ones we could change, rang back about half an hour later to tell me the tickets he'd initially been talking about have in fact gone. They expired two days ago. Whatever the frig that means.

So the new price we had was £100 more expensive, for the same journey, on the same dates...with a different airline. And we'd have to pay another £50 to change the ticket so we could stay on for the length of time we wanted.

Further conferencing with Yani, who then rang Laura, and we're now going to do some fast searching for better prices, and try to go with someone different.

So frustrating!

Instead of essaying I'm now going to go looking for plane tickets, and then I'll probably watch a couple of episodes of something to de-stress. I'm not going to bother going to bed early tonight, I can function on little sleep, and that way I can still do some essaying this evening.

Not the best start to the day though...


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