Feb. 2nd, 2008

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Okay, who can guess this bit?

Essaying didn't happen y*day. :/

Ended up doing a lot of cheap flight searching - seeing if could get a return to Hong Kong for cheap, instead of our initial aim for a Singapore return, and then towards end of day I was pushing for us booking cheapest single in to HK or Singapore, and then worrying about getting our return in a month or so (by which point the January flights should be available, so hopefully we won't have to keep thinking about how much changing the ticket will cost as well & just book the date we actually want).

I watched an ep of Torchwood (loving BBC iplayer, though wish the week went faster!), and the first & second eps of Reaper (not too sure about the girls, but I love Sock!), did some more flights searching, ate, turned to do essaying work...and couldn't do it.

The whole day kept being disrupted by phone calls to and from yani's house (and obv the flight man earlier in the morning), and whenever I stopped searching for flights I felt guilty - yani & co's inet went down y*day, so they were trying to fix that so they could search, Laura was in Whitby with no inet or phones or heating 'cause the stupid weather had cut it all off - she did manage to call some travel agents using her dad's work phone, but they were too expensive - so I felt like I was the only one actually capable of researching!

In the end I had to go to bed, so I did one last search, txt'd the results to Yani & got in bed. I forgot to go to sleep though, weird as that sounds. Was just lying in bed, trying to plan a career for myself, and not realising that I wasn't going to sleep in doing so... :s

Eventually realised I wasn't asleep though, and made myself go to sleep.

Anyway, on our last phone call Yani gave me the task of searching for flights from Singapore to England, as both her & lil' Steph are at work all day, and Laura's probably still inet-less. I know I won't get chance to do any essay work tomorrow though, so really I should do it today. Esp' as we won't get around to booking any tickets today, even if I do find some cheap ones...

Then again, I can already feel myself being distracted from essay, and google flight searches - though time consuming - are at least easier than trying to be intelligent on paper.

Figure I have until 4pm to get anything done, then I need to get ready for bed. Am getting up at midnight so I can be at work for 2am tomorrow, and given I forgot to sleep much last night I really need a minimum of 6 hours tonight. If I'm in bed by 5, in theory I can read for an hour & go to sleep 6ish.

*sigh* I don't know what to do - I hate essay work, and I hate bargain-shopping for flights, it's all too hard!!


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