Feb. 10th, 2008

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I just had a v.filling 2nd breakfast of plum & coconut pancakes, with blueberries and golden syrup. :)

The coconut part was a bit wasted as I couldn't really taste it, but the rest of it was some good ad-libbing me thinks...

My 1st breakfast today was a crunchie (sp?) at 5am btw, so I'm not an absolute pig! Just half a pig. ;p

My dad was up y*day, and we had estate agents 'round at various intervals to price the house. After the first one, dad made me go 'round the park with him to talk over what had been said 'cause my housemates were all in, and dad doesn't like talking about money matters in front of *anyone* (he gets overly paranoid about it tbh). That felt quite spy-like though, so I didn't mind. *g*

Then we got a belgian bun each from the bakery, and sat down with a cup of tea and the newspaper while waiting for the next agent. By the time that one was finished, we only had a couple of minutes before the next one, and then after that one dad took me to do a quick grocery shop, which returned from just in time to catch the last agent getting out of their car.

Once that one had left we had a mini talk over who we thought we should go with - the others were all out by now, so was 'safe' to talk in the kitchen. We disagreed a bit, but in the end we're going with dad's choice - mainly 'cause he has more experience than me, but also 'cause he raised some good points in their favour.

Anyway, when we went shopping I got some cheese sauce mix (yes I'm lame & have never made it before), so tonight I'm going to try making cauliflower cheese, with macaroni and spinach...and I might throw some walnuts in as well 'cause I've got an open box which needs using. Hopefully it'll be nice, but I'm rather nervous!

Can't remember if I updated on friday, but my supervisor meeting went ok.

I was as crap at explaining my new idea as I thought I would be, but she seemed to understand well enough. She pointed out a few major flaws which I already have though, and at the end of the meeting basically said that I have to write a complete essay plan by wednesday to show I can handle my new idea...otherwise I can't do it.

I'm just glad she didn't mind too badly about me changing my mind again! She understood that this will be my last piece, and that I want it to be something huge & profound etc...but she also noted that I might have made it too big for just 10,000 words. :/

Tonight I'm going to read basically a whole new module - one of the big mistakes she pointed out is actually a module the year below me are doing right now (so, it's not my fault I didn't know it already 'cause they only introduced it to the syllabus after my year), but now I have to go through it all to make sure I don't make the mistake in my essay.

Then I'm going to start the plan on monday - would be nice to finish it on monday, but I also have a report to write up for my seminar this week, so I'll probably split the day between the two.


Watched an ep of Torchwood (2:03 - Meat) y*day - I ♥ that show so much! Am so confused by Jack though.

Now, don't get me wrong, I love how he's portrayed as a time-travelling-immortal-slut, but as a fan of Jack/Ianto I get so confused/annoyed by all the Gwen/Jack vibes in the show. I mean in the first ep of the new season Read more... ). And yet Jack's always getting so het up over Gwen and Rhys. And Ianto doesn't get jealous! And Jack doesn't look guilty afterwards or anything... :s

I just want more coupley stuff between them I guess!


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