Feb. 11th, 2008

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I'm feeling a bit sick at the mo. I'm not ill, I'm just thinking about careers again! lol I should know by now not to do that...

When dad came up on sat we immediately went to the pub so he could get some breakfast (they do fry-ups - I thought they had other stuff too, but they didn't so I made do with the sandwich I'd eaten earlier and just had a drink), and somehow the topic of post-uni life came up. Probably 'cause we were thinking of the best course with the house, and dad got confused & thought I wanted to keep it so I could return to York after my travels - when really I only wanted to keep it 'cause I thought I'd earn money off it!

So I basically complained about jobs, and dad properly went over why I need to get a job - how much it costs to live basically (rent, bills, food, etc mean I need a job with minimum £18,000/annum if I want to live away from home - and even then I'd have to share with someone 'cause it would be too expensive on my own). My sister at the moment is earning less than that I think, but she's living at home so she pays less rent - and dad said that there's no way she can afford to live somewhere else on that wage. :/

I told dad how I really don't want to get a deskjob, and he said there were other types of jobs out there - but I pointed out the problem that if you want to earn a decent wage at other jobs, you need to be good at what you do, and you also need a more specialised education - which I don't have.

He asked what I'm currently wanting to do, and I told him Forensic Anthropologist, and then I ran through what I'd need to do before even considering applying for jobs in that area (re-do GCSE in Biology, then do A level in Biology, then do a uni course in forensics, preferably with a slant towards anthropology - possibly a post-grad/shorter uni course, but still uni again), and then I pointed out that it is physically impossible for me to do all that without a job...and if I need £18,000 just to live, then it's going to take me a hell of a while to save up enough money for the different courses.

If I scrimped and saved it might be possible to get it done in 3 years or so, but I won't want to scrimp and save - I'll want to travel to see friends, go on holidays, buy dvds, books, go out for meals...

And tbph I can't see myself surviving a boring office job, where I'm only in it for the money, for 3 years!

University isn't a boring office job, and I'm not in it for the money - more like the debt! - and yet 3 years of this has felt like a ball & chain 'round my neck. Having that finally removed is scary as hell, but at the same time I can't wait!

It feels like all my life up to this point I've been waiting, and when uni's over I want to go.

I honestly think I could stand living in shoddy conditions and not earning much (enough to eat would keep me happy), so long as I got to constantly travel. But staying in one place...I'd need the extra money to keep myself from going spare! *sigh*

See why I feel sick?

Anyway, I'd better go do some work. I did check out the module I need to go through last night, but when I did I found another module which also looks like I'll need to check out, so instead I went to bed really early. Was going to get up early & go for a jog, but was so unmotivated I stayed in bed, and have only just finished brekky now. :/

God, what is the point at this rate?! It's not going to make me more employable for the jobs I'd consider worth going for, and if I can't get one of them then I don't see the point in trying right now.

Yup, have fallen into the pit of job-searching depression again, wahoo, go me!


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