Feb. 12th, 2008

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Mmm, soya porridge is delicious! Makes it all nice and creamy... :)

I think Sam might be a devil. Seriously, the girl never sleeps! I can hear her up when I'm going to sleep (so about midnight-ish), and then she's always up and about before me! And considering I'm normally awake 7:30-8am these days, I think that can be considered pretty damn scary!

No wonder she's always 'ill' though - it's probably just her body complaining because she's not resting it enough. Esp' 'cause she's always doing gymnastics and dance classes, and she's also decided to run a marathon with her brother so she's been going jogging to train up for that. See? This just isn't human!

*coughs* Anywhooo, I managed to read through the two new modules y*day - the Postmodernity one looks really useful, but it has a mega reading list which I'm not looking forward to tackling; the science & society one didn't seem that useful though, but I'm not sure if that's just 'cause I missed all the spoken parts of the lectures...and it's still only halfway through the module... :/

I also started to write my essay plan, but I got depressed 'bout jobs (still), so deliberately distracted myself with baking goodness.

Tbh I probably wouldn't have wasted too much time, but Steph joined me in the kitchen to have a break from her own work, and when I said I was depressed & why she started quizzing me on my essay. I know she was trying to help, but she doesn't know Sociology! :s And yet whenever I said anything she grabbed it and started gabbling, and tried to act as devil's advocate - which was just a tad irritating 'cause she hadn't understood what I was going on about, and she didn't know the proper alternate views...

Was nice of her to try, but it made me want to kill myself even more than before!

Heard off dad that my sister & her b*friend were going to his for dinner last night, so I got mumkin to ring me so she wouldn't have evening completely alone. She's now coming up here at the weekend for a visit! :)

I can't wait! All I want right now is a massive hug from my mumkin! (well that & to have finished this degree & figured out the rest of my life! lol)

After all the distraction the end product of my day's work was a teensy paragraph. It's not too bad a paragraph though, plus I think I'm just all frustrated-out, so I'm not too bothered right now.

...or maybe that's the soya-tea and cookies currently putting me in a sugar-induced-state-of-relaxation...?

Today I'm spending the daylight hours in my room with the plan, and then this afternoon/evening I'm going to go to the library.


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