Feb. 24th, 2008

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Phew! I'm finally on a break so figured I'd fill my promise to Loll Loll, update here & in the process explain why I've been so not-here this past week.

Basically I'm uber-stressed! lol

I had mumkin up for a visit last weekend, which was really great - I got away from my housemates after they were horrible on friday and too loud for me to sleep (I know I should use earplugs, but I've tried them & then I can't hear my alarm :/ ), and stayed at a B&B with my mum. Not sure if I updated about that or not?

Anyway! The B&B was closer to town than this house, so it was easier to get to work for me, and it felt like I was on holiday...even though I was working!

Had breakfast with mumkin, then we walked on half of the wall (I got bored and made her stop), then we got hot chocolate, then went shopping, and eventually she had to head home so she dropped me back.

Then, I think it was the next day, I finally got 'round to ringing up the Doctor's back home to sort out my jabs for travelling - great news, it looks like the only one I'll have to pay for is the Japanese Encephalitis, for some reason the others on my list are free!!! - but even though I managed to get an appointment during easter, she said I wouldn't be able to have the jabs then...I'd have to wait 'til my files were all transferred back.

So I asked how long that took, and she just kept listing more and more weeks - the one she said which I can remember is 8 weeks. :s

I don't know if that will be leaving it too late though - esp' as I pretty much need them all done before my term starts up & I've got all my deadlines. So I figured the only way I can get it done is if I go back before the end of this term to start the transfer process.

So now I'm going back next week - I leave tuesday night, and come back wednesday lunchtime.

Good thing I'm going back though - I think it was literally the next day (well, it was 4am if that counts?) my brace decided to snap in my mouth. So then I had to panic-call the orthodontist after my lecture that day, and figure out what to do. So now I've got an emergency appointment with someone other than my normal person (who doesn't work on wednesdays), and I'm praying they say I don't need to buy a replacement (£40) or get a repair (£20ish).

So, in preparation for having such a big chunk taken out of next week - at which point I'm supposed to have done my 3rd essay and just be tidying all 3 up... - I've been trying to closet myself away and just study.

Lessons so do not help in this area.

Especially when I happen to have a meeting with my presentation group scheduled, and then when I'm on-the-ball and try to make them all bloody think so we get somewhere, one of them decides that means I'm in charge & says they should all email their separate parts to me to put them together. So now I've basically been given the ruddy presentation to do, and we're meeting again on tuesday morning to go through it all & I don't have TIME!!!

I mean, I do, physically, but mentally? That much work? And doing an assessed essay, and supposedly a project essay, and classes, and a class field trip...? *brain breaks*

And I've got the estate agents ringing me up every other day (well, they'd done it twice, but still), asking if it's okay for them to do viewings. And then I have the house certificate dudes coming on tuesday to evaluate the house.

And I've got Yani & co pestering me to go 'round theirs again and 'discuss flights' - a.k.a. sit around and not do much, then have a frenzied bout of flight-searching which requires only one person, and it being sorted out while the rest look on blankly.

Throw in a minor worry which is my housemates gearing up for Fusion 2008 - a fashion/dance show which both Sam and Lianne are taking part in, and which for some reason it's 'obligatory' that me & Steph attends. No problem for Steph; she wants to go. I do not.

Plus I'm back in my I-don't-want-to-live-with-these-people phase, ergo lots of hiding in my room, hoping I won't see them when I go to the kitchen. :/

Oh yeah, and my project essay? The one I almost blew my brain up writing an essay plan for?

My supervisor still hasn't got back to me about it, so I still don't know if I'm allowed to do it. She said she'd let me know on monday, by thursday there was no word so I emailed her, and got a frantic "I'll do it by weekend, I promise!". Which so far doesn't look like she will.

It's a horrible hanging-in-the-air feeling; I wouldn't be doing any work for it yet, but not knowing if I'll have to panic and think of something else is like having a little rodent creature gnawing at my belly whenever I think about it.

And voila! I think that's about everything to explain my Ostrich-behaviour. [which incidentally wasn't v.helpful, but I like avoiding life when it's stressful]

Ideally I should be working on my essay right now, but I'm torn because of the ruddy presentation.

And I'm weirdly fixated on shoes right now. As in, my trainers are trying to destroy my heels, and I don't have any which are aesthetically and practically suitable for my grad travelling.

*shakes head at self and stomps off to stare at a blank Word document*


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