Mar. 3rd, 2008

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d'oh a deer, a female deer...

I'm being a complete fuzz-ball lately! Also, rather lazy.

Still haven't gotten dressed yet today, and I haven't started to tackle any of my work either - and it feels great!

Last night I went out with Jane (used to work at Hartley's with me, but she's quit there now) to the pub, where we had some really nice desserts and a great catch-up sesh. It was really unusual though, 'cause my phone is currently dead, and I'd only just been able to send her a txt on saturday warning her my phone was dying and where'n'when I'd meet her, before it then keeled over and died. So I basically went on blind faith that she'd be able to turn up then!

She did though, bless her, despite wanting to meet at an earlier time - and being unable to beause of my phone! *growls at device*

It's not technically the phone's fault this time. When I went home last week to sort out the doctor's etc I accidentally left my charger in my room...and then I only realised on saturday when I went to charge it up & couldn't find the damn thing. :/

Mum's posting it up to me, but right now I feel a bit arm-less. And yet oddly less stressful as well.

I think that's 'cause I know Yani & co are probably txting me demanding I go 'round theirs again - for another 4 hours in which I watch them search the internet pointlessness - and b/c I can't actually get their txts I'm free to 'forget' they mentioned last week that I should go 'round theirs the beginning of this week! XD

I'm thinking of writing this week off as a lost cause essay-wise. I've got my stupid presentation this week, so I've already got 2 meetings with my group (who I know hate & have given up on 'cause they're non-communicative idiots), as well as my normal round of seminars and lectures. I need to do a food shop as well, which I avoided this week, but now I've only got a mushroom and half an onion to my vegetable-name. :/

Next week I've only got one of my modules still running, and I think even with that I only have a seminar, so I'll be able to do my third essay then, and then I've got a week before I'm popping back home, so I can use that week to tie up all the other essays. *crosses fingers & touches wood*

Anyway, given how completely unproductive I've been this morning I think I'm going to go be unproductive a bit more, and then do some reading for my essays. I found quite a lot of stuff in the reading for my 3rd essay which will be of use in my dissertation (if my supervisor ever bloody gets back to me about whether or not I can do what I've chosen). :)
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Medium: Television
Fandom: Torchwood
Subject: Owen Harper
Title: Dead But Still Here
Warnings: Spoilers for Torchwood Season 2, eps 7 & 8.

Notes: I should probably pre-warn that I’ve also added my own interpretations of how the songs fit in with the events. Also for some reason this has come out a bit Tosh/Owen, which is strange ‘cause the only pairing I ship from Torchwood is Jack/Ianto! lol

My first fanmix & such an avoidance of work - absolutely ♥ing Torchwood at the mo though, and wanted to get this expressed before this week's ep

Zip file at the bottom :)

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