Mar. 7th, 2008

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Okay, well the cleaning was nice - felt quite cathartic, and the house looked alright for once afterwards.

All 3 of us did get pissed off with Sam though.

Turns out she hadn't offered an explanation to Steph the other night, just said that she didn't have time. And Sam didn't offer to clean the bathroom instead; that was Steph's suggestion to her.

Anyway, Sam didn't go out for ages.

Me & Steph started cleaning at 10:20ish, and Sam was still in house. In fact she came give us a different cleaning fluid, which apparently "works better", then she buggered off upstairs again with a "if you need a hand give us a yell".

Riiight. So she was too 'busy' to help, but if we demanded she do so then she'd suddenly become miraculously free?

Anyway, Lianne got in just gone half past and immediately dived in - she did the downstairs toilet, and vacuumed the hall and upstairs.

Steph did the bin, oven and fridge.

I did the washing up, sink, counters, hob and washed the fridge drawers.

Sam came back down after we'd been at it for an hour or so, and started making her lunch. Which involved lots of, "excuse me"'s and her rearranging the stuff of hers which I'd put in cupboards.

And me & Steph were just flabbergasted - I mean, we were still slaving away, and she just waltzed in and did her own damn thing, which made us feel like we were in the way!

So Steph said, in a pissed off voice, "yes, I'd love a cup of tea", to Sam - who hadn't offered to make one! *snorfle*

Sam then said "actually I'm rushing out right now", and then proceeded to 'rush'. A.k.a she ran upstairs and hid 'til her toast popped up, then she ran back down, grabbed it & legged it out the back door.

Me and Steph were v.unimpressed, but Steph turned to me and said "do you fancy a cup of tea?".

So us 3 had a tea break, and Steph and Lianne cracked open their biscuit stashes for dunking. I've promised to bake them cookies next week in exchange, and we just had a nice rest from cleaning.

Also told Lianne what had happened, and she said that while she was vacuuming Sam kept slamming her bedroom door like it was annoying her.

Thing which got me was that, despite being as pissed off as me, Steph and Lianne still tried to make excuses for Sam - saying that we should give her the benefit of the doubt, maybe she really did have a lot on. They're obviously both a hell of a lot nicer & forgiving than me!

After out break Lianne had to go to another lecture, and Steph wanted to go visit her granddad's grave, and do a practice run to this place she's got an interview at next week. So they left and I washed the mugs up. Then I cleaned the table, and then gave the floor a proper going over - even moved the couch out and did under that, then tucked it all back in. Gave the door and skirting boards a quick wipe down too, and then I went and did some work.

Sam got back home before the other two, and shut herself in her room again.

She came back out late afternoon, spent about 10 minutes cleaning the upstairs bathroom, then went and had dinner and lazed about on the couch watching tv.

Now that just seemed like a slap in the face to all of our hard work - though I seem to be the only one who saw it like that.

But c'mon! She put barely any effort in the bathroom - only reason I could tell she'd done anything was 'cause the orange scum from her lush products was finally gone from the bathtub! And then she went and sprawled herself out on all of our hard work!

And at no point in the day did she have more work on than us, or appear more stressed than us. Other than lunchtime when she practically ran to get away from us before we could haul her into doing some work!

Anyway, when I went into the kitchen for my own dinner that night & saw her sprawling on the couch like that I just couldn't look at her, I was do disgusted by how rude and inconsiderate she'd been.

I thought I was doing better this term at not getting riled up over such petty things, but no matter how positive I start out I just can't seem to stand living with her. :/

Makes me feel horrible, 'cause I know this is rather petty, but at the same time she just pushes all my buttons.


Y*day I had a 3 hour lecture, which ran over by half an hour, so I was uber late going to lunch with Fuzzles and co. Wasn't sure if I should go at all, 'cause I had a seminar at 1:15, and by the time I met up with them it was just gone 1.

In the end I decided food & seeing Fuzzles before she went back to Singapore was more important, and skipped the seminar.

Was a bit disappointed 'cause I know we were going to do more conversation analysis, which I love. Still I managed to eat my bagel in peace, and catch up with the others a bit, so was probably a good substitution.

Then I met with my presentation group one last time and we hastily got all the games sorted out. And then I had the presentation.

We managed an hour and half!! Was only meant to be an hour, but we just wouldn't stop! :)

Fit two of our games in as well, but didn't have time for the third one.

I don't think my part of the presentation went very well - I'd deliberately not done much for it, figuring we wouldn't have enough time to go into much depth on our individual parts, but now I wish I had done more.

Don't think mine was the worst out of the group though, so I'm not too bothered - it should've been good enough for me to pass the module.

Oh, and a bonus from y*day and eating lunch with Fuzzles, Yani, Laura & lil' Steph, is that I now have a standing invite to live at their house! XD

I've been mulling over moving back home next term - if I get enough work done over easter I shouldn't need the library, and I should be able to move back home until my deadline. That way I can completely avoid Sam!

Already told Steph I'm thinking of doing this, and she wasn't too happy, but she knows from all my rants that it really gets to me, and she couldn't think of anything to say to dissuade me. Yani & co added their upset-ness, but they also offered me use of their fold-out bed/Fuzzles' room when she's away.

Anyway, enough of that, I'm not quite ready to abandon ship yet. I'm going to get some sustenance, do some work, then crash for tomorrow.


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