Mar. 11th, 2008

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Mmmm homemade jam! XD

Saw my supervisor today - finally - and while she didn't seem too annoyed with how 'difficult' I'm being with my essay, she did still seem really reluctant to let me do what I want.

We've narrowed it down so I'm focusing on techno-science culture, and even though she doesn't like the topic she does know a bit about it, and what kind of books I need to read. I told her about one I've been reading, but she didn't know it. After wiki-ing it & hearing what I said about it she didn't really trust it, and she's given me a list of books I need to read & understand before she'll let me do this topic for my essay. :s

Thanks to stupid lessons I still haven't finished my other 3 essays, and I'm determined not to knuckle down on my project essay until they're out the way. But equally the sooner I start reading for my project essay the sooner I can get the go-ahead to do it, instead of getting halfway through easter break and being told I definitely can't do it. *conflicted*

So now I'm properly knuckling down with my essays, and hoping they'll all be finished by end of next week - right before I head home for a week. Had my last lesson of the term today, so there's nothing to distract me, and I'm not planning on going on to campus unless I desperately need a book!

I've read about half a book today, in between my meeting, my class, my lunch 'date' and the library (been twice today). I've got about two pages of notes from it so far, and I'm properly reading it line-by-line which is why it's taking so long. I'm planning to finish draining that book of info tonight, and at least getting halfway through another one before bed. And that should get me nicely started on the pile of lib books on my shelf. :)

So I'm kinda panicking about project essay, but I'm feeling a bit more in-control with my other essays. Though I think that might simply be because I don't have to juggle them with anything anymore...


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