Mar. 12th, 2008

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Just made some american-style lemon pancakes - absolutely gorgeous, but probably a few too many. :) Came up with 3 huge pancakes, and then I got some of Steph's golden syrup to drizzle on top...

Managed to eat 2 and 1/2 but am now feeling very full, so taking a break! lol

Am quite happy today - I got through the amount of reading I wanted y*day, and whilst I'm a bit annoyed I overslept today I'm very glad that by the time I did wake up Sam had gone on to campus for her exams. Leaving me, Lianne and Steph, all of us with work to do, but in good moods!

I haven't been massively lazy btw. When I say I overslept, I got up at 10:30. Then I had a shower and got dressed, which took me to about 11:20. Then I made the pancakes from scratch, and did all the washing up etc. So really I've only been a bit more relaxed than normal. Still, I'm going to get started on my work again now.


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