Mar. 19th, 2008

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I want to be a ballerina. Or a dancer. Or a genius working in a government think tank. Or a homicide detective. Or an art gallery owner. Or a caterer. Or a forensic anthropologist. Or a bellydancer. Or a model. Or an actress.

I keep getting all of these ideas, from anything I watch or read, and yet I can't do any of them. If I'd been training or learning towards these goals as a kid then I might stand a chance, but in keeping my 'options' open and taking the courses that I have I've been setting myself up for a generic desk job. Which is the one thing I don't want. :/

Have only managed a tiny bit of work so far today, and I didn't do too well on the waking up early thing either.

Tonight me and Steph are making chilli, and then hanging out watching Finding Nemo. At this rate I don't know how I'm going to finish my essays. It looks like I'll definitely be spending any spare moment at home on the computer, but the most I can do is tidy up the stuff I've already written 'cause I can't take out books for all 3 essays.

My new goal therefore, is to get this essay up to the 4,000 mark, and then next week I'm taking my dissertation books home, reading, and tidying up my current essays on the comp. Then when I come back I should have figured out how to finish them all off, and have my dissertation fully planned out and emailed off to my supervisor.

This essay is currently 1,245, so I just need to get it up to 2,000 (though a bit over would be nice) today, and then I can do another 1,000 tomorrow, and the final 1,000 over friday and saturday.

Well I've managed to waste about an hour, and now I'm going to go to the loo. If I hit my target for today soon then I'm going to celebrate with DIY beauty treatment I think :)


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