Mar. 28th, 2008

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Got back from my easter week at home today! Had to get up at 7am, train at 8:30, arrived here 11:30, walked from town to house by 12ish, got some milk etc then swept kitchen floor, vacuumed hallway and stairs, had a shower, emailed my dad and got started on lunch by 2pm.

Steph's just got back too - well, been here an hour or so, but she's still unpacking so I can still say that!

Home was bit funky. Found out on monday that my dad has a new girlfriend - and he hasn't told my sister or my mum (though I don't blame him on the mum part, and hope he doesn't tell her for a while...don't know if she can handle him getting someone that quickly), which made me feel a bit awkward 'cause I wanted to talk about it with Katie, but didn't think I should until he's told her himself. :/

Also my mum doesn't like my sisters boyfriend going round their house, and now Katie is convinced mum hates her boyfriend and is getting really upset about how she's treating him. So I had to try to play go-between for that, in the end just kept telling them both repeatedly to talk to one another about it, and I think they finally did last night.

Think I managed about 2 days in that house before I started feeling suffocated.

Couldn't go out because had to try to get as much work done as possible - and as always I didn't get enough done. And while I love my mum, I really don't like how she treats me like a golden child - just 'cause I'm never there and I never get in fights with her like my sister does. Also hate how she's always asking me what I want to eat, and what my plans for the day are etc. After living away for so long it feels too monitoring! So I spent most of the week dreading when she was going to be home from work, and then feeling guilty for thinking that way. :/

Was such a relief to get back up here! No idea how I'm going to cope when I go back in may, but I don't want to stay in York in the same house as Sam, and I can't afford to hop on a train and go and bug all my other friends. Maybe I'll just spend my days at the swimming pool...

Anyway, got to go to bed now as have work early tomorrow again. Will be interesting to see if my boss mentions that he's handing the business over soon, given this is the last weekend I'll be working for him before the new guy takes over...and he still hasn't told me he's sold it. :)


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