Mar. 29th, 2008

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Work was quite a relief today - amazing how much I don't like living at home anymore, give it makes work an enjoyable alternative!

There was a bit of a screw up, in that today's labels had been hidden away in a cupboard, and whoever did closing last y*day then laid out monday's labels instead. So I made up more sandwiches than I was meant to, and likely the wrong ones too.

I thought there was something up with that, 'cause I never normally make 15 of a sandwich type, and also the bb date was the 2nd...but I couldn't find any other labels so I just went with it.

Chris came in earlier today, and he found the missing labels - had been put in the cupboard where we keep extras to be used as stickers when wrapping up bacon sandwiches for customers; one of the labels was even missing, showing it had been used for that purpose! Anyway, he seemed a bit frustrated 'cause he'd apparently had a rough day y*day, but he didn't get too worked up about; just printed off some new labels and then we put a new sticker on each sandwich so the bb date was correct. He'll likely have loads of sandwiches which don't get eaten, but there's not much we could do about it - would be an outright waste to just throw them in the bin!

He also told me what's happening with the shop takeover. Already knew I knew what was going on, 'cause Jane had told him about her telling me... (god it sounds confusing when I put it like that!) But today he let me know he's still working there another 3 weeks, even though the guy is taking over this week, so that he can help smooth the transition for him. And he also asked if I'd mind doing a proper cleaning blitz on the place with him next week - I can stay as many hours extra as I want, and he'll pay me cash in hand for the overtime (I normally get paid cash in hand anyway, but I think he's literally just going to give me the money on the day, as opposed to doing a pay slip etc). :D Moneeeeeey!

So then he headed off to do the deliveries, and I finished cleaning up the shop, then walked over to Morrisons to stock up on food, which I then lugged back home.

At this rate I'm properly training up for my travelling - y*day walked from train station to home with my massive hiking rucksack stuffed full of books and a printer, and also holding my normal-sized rucksack in one hand. And then today I had my normal rucksack filled with melon, sweet potato, parsnips, etc, and a plastic bag with eggs, fish cakes, grapes...blah blah. Having just the one hiking rucksack will be so much easier me thinks!

Despite bringing the printer up with me y*day I managed to forget the software cd, but mumkin posted that up and it arrived today, so I'm going to print off all the work I've done on all my essays so far, and go over them with highlighters and pencils. :)


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