Apr. 7th, 2008

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Okay, trying to do H,M&M in one day is perhaps a bit optimistic of me, but by george I'm giving it my best shot!

Really, aside from the general unfeasability of it it's not going too badly.

I mean, sure, I've confused the hell out of myself by doing 4 dimensions to the essay question, but on the other hand it seems smart. Have just printed out my working introduction so I can try to keep the different dimensions straight in my head as I type, and now that the printer's stopped chugging I'm going back to the essay!
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Haven't succeeded! :(

I got a complete mental block and gave up about 2 hours ago - then I made some cookies & just ate half the batch while watching the most ridiculous film ever!

I'm not going to say what film it was & give it away, but I will say why it was so ridiculous...

here be mad plot-ness )

This kind of ridiculous was the whole way through, and yet I still managed to cry my eyes out! *rolls eyes at self*

Anyway, gonna get an early start tomorrow & now I'm aiming to have the essay done by afternoon (5pm at latest). I don't mind if I haven't got everything ref'd neatly or done final edits, 'cause I'm planning on doing that to all 3 nearer the hand-in deadline. I just really want to get this one shoveled aside so I can tackle the harder H&OA, which I really need to have done by end of the week. So, yeah, tomorrow is finishing this one (I'm about 1/3 or 1/2 way through at mo & I only got myself working at 1pm), and getting to the library before it shuts at 6 so I can swap my books!


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