Apr. 12th, 2008

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I didn't do as well as I wanted today - had worked it so I'd come back from work, then do 2 hours on humans & other animals, then 2 hours on health, medicine and media, then 2 hours on anomalous human experiences, and then 1 hour showering and eating before going to bed. I've managed about half that amount!

I printed off the current copies last night, and I've basically just gone over each of them. Really I need a whole day to just bash away at all 3 until I'm satisfied - figured if I split it carefully I could get it done this weekend despite being at work, but I'm too tired to carry on. So I was figuring I'd go to the library tomorrow after work, instead of doing what I did today, and just do them all. But, turns out the library is closed tomorrow. :/ So helpful! Which means I'll have to work at home again, and just keep ploughing through, and then in the week do a massive references search.

Also, my boss gave me a cheque this week instead of my normal cash, and I didn't realise 'til just now that the bank's closed tomorrow too...so I'm going to be without any money for a week! Luckily I have food in the freezer that I've been meaning to work my way through.

Ooh, that reminds me! I've got a new boss now, Chris has officially handed the shop over to the guy who bought it from him, and this weekend was his first time picking up the sandwiches for delivery from me. But I finished early, as always ('cause I arrive early), and Chris had txt'd me to see if I was doing okay, and he said I shouldn't bother waiting for the new guy 'cause he's not as much of an early person as Chris (i.e. I'd still be there at lunch time if I did). So I left him a note instead, saying; Good Morning, sorry I didn't catch you today, I've put all the sandwiches in the big fridge and you'll need to buy some more of the big washing up liquid soon :) Have a nice weekend, Sarah.

It's crap I know!! I just didn't know what to write to some boss I've never met, but thought it would be rude if I didn't make some kind of acknowledgement of him. :s

Anyway, I'll see tomorrow if he's left a response or not...


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