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I have the Moz-meister!! And boy is he pretty! ^_^

I'm a bit bummed - y*day Steph got out our communal ice cream (we've taken to buying a tub and sharing between me & her - it was her turn to buy), and started eating straight out of it. This is normal behaviour for us both, but she's getting another cold! So now I don't dare eat any of the ice cream in case I catch it. ;_;

I thought y*day was going crap work-wise; sure I managed more than the day before, but no-where near my target. I had a last minute spurt at 9:30 though, and managed to bash out another 300 words, making my total for the day 700. Not quite at my target of 1,000, but definitely more than the 300 I was stuck at initially. :p

Was a bit worried about my structure though, 'cause the essay revolves around 2 hypotheses, and I wanted to bring in tons more general stuff from the entire module, and then relate it back to the question...but wasn't sure if that would get me marked down. So I emailed my project supervisor, 'cause she's ace, but unfortunately she said she couldn't answer that without more detail. She said I could go in and see her in the office, but I really don't want to take the time out of the day - overslept again and still haven't got down to work yet - so I've just emailed her back with more details, and explained why I don't want to come in, but said I can try next week if she still thinks I should.

Have just finished sorting out my money though and good news is it looks like I'm dead on with my savings for traveling. ^_^

Also just got off the phone to the Doctor's back home - I'm going to have Hep B and Japanese encephalitis afterall. Yani had them both y*day, and I figure it's better safe than sorry - plus I got my other jabs free, so it won't be too much of a financial drain. The nurse is going to ring me back tomorrow morning though, 'cause I want to know if it'll be early enough for me to get them in May.

Anyway, glad I got all that sorted out, and given how well y*day turned out after having my break 'til lunch thing, I think I'm gonna do the same today & get familiarised with moz-meister. ;)


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