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I think my brain will explode soon. I've actually worked non-stop today. Only had one break, and that's 'cause I came back from a trip to the loo to find ill-Steph sat on my bed. So I grabbed my mug and came downstairs.

I'm not in a mood with her, don't worry! But I really hate how unhygienic she is when she's ill - she's one of those people who coughs and sneezes without putting a hand over their mouth. Y*day she properly coughed right in my face, and with her contaminating the ice cream tub I'm just trying to avoid her while she's in the most contagious stage...

So she comes and sits in my room to spread the ger-oops, sorry, meant to say 'love'! *sarcastic*

She probably does think I'm in a mood with her, but I'm just too mentally tired to do conversations when I do go for a break. :/

If I keep working like I have been so far I should only have 1 more day left on this particular essay, and then I can switch to one of the other ones - yay!

So I'll try to switch all my books on friday, and then I can start essaying again on sunday. Would say saturday, but I'm going to be cramming as many hours at work as I can, and then I need to go to the bank, opticians and supermarket, and then bed, so I can roll out again early on sunday. :)

Right! Work for another hour, then I can get some food!


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