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I'm just onto page 10, it's taken me 2 hours to get through page 9, and that was in more order than this one. :(

Absolutely have to finish this essay tonight though, so I'm determined not to go to bed 'til it's done.

Think I'm going to do my health, medicine and media essay next - it's the best out of the two I've got left, so I'm hoping it won't take as long, and I'll be able to catch some time up on it. Also need to start my dissertation reading; from sound of it everyone's on the ball with theirs & I still don't know if I can do this topic...still don't have my question properly formulated! :/

So end of next week I need to have got my dissertation question sorted, so I think I'll spend my evenings mornings doing reading for it, and then on friday I can form the essay and the structure. And I also want to have H,M&M essay done, and Humans & Other Animals at least started on. *wilts*

I'm really glad Steph's the only other housemate home right now though - she's got even more work on than me & she's properly slogging away every day, which makes nice & distraction-less for us both.

Really, really, can't wait for work at the weekend - it's going to be knackering, but I can't wait for a break from all this essaying & a chance to get out the house!

I'm going to the lib tomorrow to do my book swap over, and it'll be interesting to see how jelly-esque my legs are!

Anyway, more essaying now.


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