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Think I've managed to upset Steph. Was at work this morning, and then stayed on an extra 3 hours helping Chris clean the entire store (for extra money of course), and then I had to go shopping for my mum*s b*day, plus two friends, and go do some food shopping on my way home. Oh yeah, and I also had to go to the bank. So I didn't get back 'til 12:30ish.

Anyway, a woman wanted to look at the house this morning & I asked Steph if she could do the guide-ey bit (estate agents were too busy to do it like they normally do, and I was going to be at work), and she said sure.

But when I got home from work she was all hyped up on cold medicine and took it upon herself to recount all the comments they'd made on the house, and then she went on to put herself in the other person's shoes & started commenting on the good qualities of the house herself. And I was in grunt mode.

Still, that didn't seem to phase her much, and I carried on putting my groceries away, but then it came to the minced lamb.

So there I am with my two plastic bags, trying to split the stuff in half & it's being awkward. Steph comes over to help, and starts holding the bag open for me, and stuffing some of the mince in when it escaped. And then she tried to show me how I could do it easier - turning bag inside out and putting my hand inside, then just picking up the mince & reversing the bag.

All really nice, and perfectly reasonable things for her to do. But she's got a cold!!! And she didn't wash her hands before coming over and fondling my meat, and knowing what she's like when she's ill I just know she's been coughing and sneezing into her hands all morning! -_-

So I told her not to touch the meat 'cause I knew how I wanted to divide it & she muddling it up, and the I batted her hands away from the bags - I did it playfully even!! - and she finally got in a huff about my behaviour and walked out the kitchen, saying "god, you're so touchy today!". I know she was def a bit upset, 'cause when I went into her room a min later she was doing some brilliant blank-faced, monosyllabic responses.

Feel a bit bad, but I don't see how I could've protected the meat otherwise - she's already contaminated the ice-cream, I'm going to be damned if I let her germs keep me away from my mince too!

I intended to launch into my H,M&M essay today - already printed off what I've already done y*day and went over it; looks like I've got 6 pages of useable stuff, only another 6 to go! I'm really physically tired though, my boss had me doing squats all morning. Cupboards, skirting boards, one point I even spent half an hour crouched under a counter scrubbing at the back board running the length of the till & coffee machine station. :/ So even though it was only 3 hours extra work, I feel like I used to after one of my Hartleys & Starbucks work days. :/ So, yeah, having trouble doing more than just going to sleep at the mo!lol

I was going to let myself have the weekend off, so I guess if I make friday & saturday my days off, that's okay. I tend to stay up uber late on sunday so my early nights on fri & sat don't carry on into the week, so even if I can't bring myself to do essay work as soon as I get home, I have enough time to talk myself 'round. :)
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