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Haven't succeeded! :(

I got a complete mental block and gave up about 2 hours ago - then I made some cookies & just ate half the batch while watching the most ridiculous film ever!

I'm not going to say what film it was & give it away, but I will say why it was so ridiculous...

Mother of one of the main characters has really advanced AIDS. She overhears her sons having an argument and decides she's so depressed she's gonna hang herself. Fair enough, really emotionally-charged plotline & reasonably good acting. Then, as her sons are crying and carrying her out of the building to go to a hospital (she's unconscious by this point & very possibly already dead, but they're still trying), she gets shot in the chest by some random person in a car, who then drives off at speed leaving the brothers to gawp & then start wailing afresh. (it turns out later that the driver was actually a professional assassin sent to kill one of the boys...and evidently he missed! Guess he only had the one bullet on him, being a professional and all)

This kind of ridiculous was the whole way through, and yet I still managed to cry my eyes out! *rolls eyes at self*

Anyway, gonna get an early start tomorrow & now I'm aiming to have the essay done by afternoon (5pm at latest). I don't mind if I haven't got everything ref'd neatly or done final edits, 'cause I'm planning on doing that to all 3 nearer the hand-in deadline. I just really want to get this one shoveled aside so I can tackle the harder H&OA, which I really need to have done by end of the week. So, yeah, tomorrow is finishing this one (I'm about 1/3 or 1/2 way through at mo & I only got myself working at 1pm), and getting to the library before it shuts at 6 so I can swap my books!
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