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Definitely not going to achieve the swap-over today. If I'm extremely lucky & suddenly get inspired/motivated again I might get it roughly finished if I do a late-nighter, but right now? Not so much.

I'm still stuck on what to write, and while I managed to delete a couple of bits and fix something I wasn't liking y*day I've spent most of the day just reading fanfic/vapidly staring into space. :/

Managed to sleep through 5 songs on my CD alarm clock this morning before realising the damn thing was meant to be waking me up. Then I snoozed it, and then I turned it off without waking up when the snooze ran out, and then I finally woke up at 8:30ish of my own accord! This is better than y*day though, and I'm also impressed that the first thing I did was open my laptop and my essay. However I also checked my emails, did some general surfing, and found it as hard as normal to knuckle down.

It's ridiculous though; I can't concentrate in the morning, and I can't concentrate after 8pm, which leaves me with precisely 7 hours in the day to work with...and 2 of those get snapped up with meals, and then at least 1 more gets eaten by laziness and distraction. :s

As long as I get the essay written before tomorrow I'm still on track - will just mean I have to go to the library early tomorrow. But I'm not enjoying this massive essay-block I've got going on.

Can't remember if I've mentioned this yet, but Lianne's due back up this weekend (think on sunday), so I really want to have my assessed essays out of the way by then. I get so distracted just by Steph, and I hardly see her, so I'm dreading Lianne of the loud music re-appearing on my floor.

Can't believe I've got 3 more weeks of this intensive essay writing shit; I need a week off or something but I can't afford to if I'm going to stick to my deadlines...argh! *has meltdown*
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