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Okay I am officially behind schedule now!

Didn't manage to get past my essay-block at all y*day, and spent most of my day just staring at the Word document hoping it would type itself.

Then I had a bit of a scare 'cause Word crashed. It realised it was crashing and tried to autosave what it could, but then it crashed in the middle of that. So I was a bit worried I'd lost the entire essay, but I yanked out the USB, closed down Word, and when I re-opened everything my essay was fine. So it's probably a good thing I hadn't written anything new, 'cause I'd've lost that, and I think the frustration of it would probably have killed me!

Today I am turning to food for comfort and making Taco Soup tonight. I'm always a bit wary of leftovers, so I'm cooking it for me & Steph & she's contributing the tomato-ey stuff and the kidney beans.

This week I meant to start reading for my dissertation - me being optimistic about my own work-ability again - but as you can probably tell I haven't gotten started yet. And given the fact that I'm now behind on my schedule I think I'm going to ignore the dissertation completely for now, cram in these two essays this week (somehow), and then take 2 days at the beginning of next week to read and write my dissertation plan. Even if it's not fully formed after that I'll need to start on some chapters. My normal pattern for writing is to do as many ideas as I can think of around the essay question, then I'll go back and properly link them to the question and try to get a flow going throughout the essay, and then I'll go back again, refine it all & reference it. If I can't find a useful reference for something then I re-work it so that parts cut out, or re-worded so it's speculatory and doesn't need a ref. So even if I don't have my dissertation question completely sorted after 2 days I can still start writing around the topic in general.

Anyway, today I'm going to write as much as I can on this essay, and even if it's not finished I'm going to close it at 4pm, do the library swap, pick up some ingredients for dinner, make dinner, and then open up H&OA and see how much work needs doing on it.

Now let's see how disciplined I can force myself to be!
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