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2 cups of coffee at 4:30am do funny things to my brain! Once cup of coffee makes me feel high, and 2 cups of coffee makes me so high I don't even notice I'm high for hours...and then I feel sick. :/

I have no self-restraint though; it just tastes too good!

So yeah, work went by in a coffee-induced state of happiness (also compounded by fact that on my way to work I bumped into 2 people I know - 1 was a really old school friend, who did a drunken catch-up with me, which involved 3 hugs and 2 high-fives; and the 2nd was a uni friend who I also bumped into last week).

Was a bit concerned/p'ed-off/stumped by the fact that the crappy note I left my new boss y*day had been crumpled and left on the side. He hadn't put it in the tied bin bag in front of the counter, but he had scrunched it up with some forms from a delivery - I think they were tallies of how many sandwiches had been returned from the garages from friday. But he hadn't left a note in reply or anything, so I'm not sure if he thought my note was stupid (like it was), thought it was superfluous, or just doesn't care enough to make some form of contact. Which is really frustrating 'cause I don't know if I need to contact him about the fact that I've handed in my notice. I mean, Chris should have told him, in which case the lack of concern over meeting me makes sense 'cause I'm technically working out my notice right now. But I'm not sure if Chris did tell him; I did write in the book when the last week I could work was, and put 'SARAH'S LAST SHIFT', but I don't know if he'll have checked it & I'm all conflicted.

As can probably tell by the crapness of y*day's note, I have no idea how to communicate in notes, or txts, or via phone or email - don't know if I'm just too blunt, or don't use enough small hand or something, but I always think whatever I've put sounds idiotic. And given the fact that this is quitting I'm trying to talk to him about...and he probably already knows anyway, I'm really hesitant to try to bring it up. :s

I know I had a whole schedule to stick to today, but with all the coffee, E4, and,! I've just pretty much had the day off instead. Lianne's just got home now too, so she's moving all her stuff back in with her parents' help.

Still, I'm going to move on to my dissertation tomorrow, and then I've got another 2 weeks before the hand-in deadline, so I'm going to do what I meant to do today the friday before. I was already thinking in my head that I'd be going over it again anyway, but maybe this way it'll be easier for me to just print it off and hand it in? I seem to be having some kind of empty-nest syndrome for these essays...just don't want to finish them.

At least this way I won't be cutting into my dissertation time any more than I already have. :/


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