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Today hasn't been the best work day so far. Overslept a bit, then decided not to rush 'cause needed breakfast, so didn't get to the library 'til 9, got about an hour and half of work done (just hunting down some refs & started note-stripping a few books) and then they decided to do a fire drill. -_- So unimpressed; and they had history people doing their open exam in the library today, so the last thing they needed was to get booted out of the lib!

It didn't last very long thank god - half an hourish - and then I soon got back to my books. Did a few more hours of that, then had a phone call from my sister, which I muted & then I txt'd her. Her hamster's dying!!

My mum's gotten into the habit of letting him run about upstairs where there aren't any wires for him to chew, and apparently he's transferred his spiderman-inclinations (he loves going to top of his cage, then trying to hang off the edge) to the edge of the landing.

Anyway last night Katie was at the pub & mum got Bailey out for some exercise...and he fell off the landing all the way to the ground floor!

He's not dead, but the vet apparently thinks there's something wrong with his brain now 'cause he's not using his front legs at all. He's been given an anti-inflammatory to see if it's just a case of his brain being a bit swollen from the fall, or his legs being damaged a bit, but if he doesn't improve they're going to have to put him down. :(

After that I just couldn't concentrate very well, so I headed home at about 1, got my lunch going & chatted with Steph, then we watched Diagnosis Murder together.

Just came upstairs to start working, and then was going to go back to lib for more book-fun later, but I checked my emails & my supervisor had replied; wanting me to sign up to see her tomorrow or friday. So I went to uni & signed up (seeing her at 11:15 - eep!), then got home & was all sweaty so I had a quick shower & am just now sitting down properly to my essays again. I've decided against going to the lib again today; I've got plenty of books here & I think the trek there & back would be a waste of time; esp' 'cause I'd probably get annoyed with all the history exam people & head back early.

I'm at that horrible stage where I just don't want to write any more...especially 'cause I'm really scared what my supervisor's going to say tomorrow.

Wanted to get 1,500 done today, but I think I'll be lucky to get 500 at this rate. I just can't seem to do a combination of work, it seems like I either have to write the essay, or do the note-stripping...not both in one day! *sigh*

Right, I'm going to go flog my brain some more I think. :/
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