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I (tentatively) think I'm on track with this dissertation business now. Which is strange 'cause I haven't hit my word target either y*day or today. :s

I think that might be 'cause I didn't take into account the fact that 2,000 of my words would need to be wasted (a.k.a. waffle) on my intro & conclusion, and then another 2,000 for my science section.

So I've currently got over 6,000 words done (think it's just under 7,000), which is v.under my aim - meant to have about 8,500-9,000 done by end of today. However, I'm going to have to do a day in the library for my science section, ick! And then the intro & conclusion as I said are just waffle. Therefore, as long as I do get the whole science section done tomorrow I should be able to sort the rest of it out on thursday. I'll try to do a bit more later, on the current sections I've got...make it flow together a bit better. Then I think I'm going to email Amanda with what I've got for each section now & check if she's got any extra suggestions - still not sure if I should tell her I'm planning on finishing it end of this week, or if that will just scare her (though I'm the one who's bloody petrified!).

But given I've been working on and off all day (and actually properly working for once!) I think I deserve a break. Have only just had my lunch/dinner after snacking on peanut m&ms/Ritz crackers/&cookies all day, and even that I ate while reading through my notes to pull my dissertation together! :p

(was really nice though - I defrosted one of my chilli's overnight & had that with some broccoli thrown in & my ritz crackers to dip with XD)
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