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I think my brain will explode soon. I've actually worked non-stop today. Only had one break, and that's 'cause I came back from a trip to the loo to find ill-Steph sat on my bed. So I grabbed my mug and came downstairs.

I'm not in a mood with her, don't worry! But I really hate how unhygienic she is when she's ill - she's one of those people who coughs and sneezes without putting a hand over their mouth. Y*day she properly coughed right in my face, and with her contaminating the ice cream tub I'm just trying to avoid her while she's in the most contagious stage...

So she comes and sits in my room to spread the ger-oops, sorry, meant to say 'love'! *sarcastic*

She probably does think I'm in a mood with her, but I'm just too mentally tired to do conversations when I do go for a break. :/

If I keep working like I have been so far I should only have 1 more day left on this particular essay, and then I can switch to one of the other ones - yay!

So I'll try to switch all my books on friday, and then I can start essaying again on sunday. Would say saturday, but I'm going to be cramming as many hours at work as I can, and then I need to go to the bank, opticians and supermarket, and then bed, so I can roll out again early on sunday. :)

Right! Work for another hour, then I can get some food!
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I have the Moz-meister!! And boy is he pretty! ^_^

I'm a bit bummed - y*day Steph got out our communal ice cream (we've taken to buying a tub and sharing between me & her - it was her turn to buy), and started eating straight out of it. This is normal behaviour for us both, but she's getting another cold! So now I don't dare eat any of the ice cream in case I catch it. ;_;

I thought y*day was going crap work-wise; sure I managed more than the day before, but no-where near my target. I had a last minute spurt at 9:30 though, and managed to bash out another 300 words, making my total for the day 700. Not quite at my target of 1,000, but definitely more than the 300 I was stuck at initially. :p

Was a bit worried about my structure though, 'cause the essay revolves around 2 hypotheses, and I wanted to bring in tons more general stuff from the entire module, and then relate it back to the question...but wasn't sure if that would get me marked down. So I emailed my project supervisor, 'cause she's ace, but unfortunately she said she couldn't answer that without more detail. She said I could go in and see her in the office, but I really don't want to take the time out of the day - overslept again and still haven't got down to work yet - so I've just emailed her back with more details, and explained why I don't want to come in, but said I can try next week if she still thinks I should.

Have just finished sorting out my money though and good news is it looks like I'm dead on with my savings for traveling. ^_^

Also just got off the phone to the Doctor's back home - I'm going to have Hep B and Japanese encephalitis afterall. Yani had them both y*day, and I figure it's better safe than sorry - plus I got my other jabs free, so it won't be too much of a financial drain. The nurse is going to ring me back tomorrow morning though, 'cause I want to know if it'll be early enough for me to get them in May.

Anyway, glad I got all that sorted out, and given how well y*day turned out after having my break 'til lunch thing, I think I'm gonna do the same today & get familiarised with moz-meister. ;)
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Had my break 'til lunch...which I ended up finishing early 'cause I felt a teensy bit motivated & thought I'd best make use of it. Cue attacking my essay with highlighters and making the changes I wrote down y*day.

That left me with a massive headache so I went downstairs to have some of my placebo soluble aspirin, and while there made myself a cup of tea, got some melon & a banana. Had a brief chat with Steph, who looks as braindead as me at mo, and now I'm just hunting down some music on my itunes before attacking the books. :)

Figured I'd update again while on an essay high note, 'cause they are veeeery rare. Anyway, brief break over I'm getting back to work again!
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Ugh. So far today I've had a shower, scrubbed the shower & bath, had breakfast, and caught up on some travel-planning stuff.

Quite crap considering I meant to wake up at 6, have updated my essay with the changes I noted y*day, and be on to writing properly new material by now. :/

Y*day I actually managed a full(ish) day of work. I mean, I had to go out to get my printer cartridges refilled, and pick up a book from the library, but other than that I only breaked twice in the day. Once for lunch, and then again for dinner.

I got my essay at it is printed out, and spent the day going over it with a pencil, analysing how bad it was.

Unfortunately after doing this I couldn't motivate myself to do anything else, so called it a night at 8:30, and then spent 3 hours reading fanfiction! Then I hit the snooze button at 6, then turned the alarm off at 6:15...then woke of own accord at 8:30! -_-

It's so annoying! I've got my schedule all worked out; I know exactly how much work I need to do in each day to get this stuff finished in time...and I'm just completely motivationally-blocked! *growls*

I'm not sure if pushing myself on through the block is a good idea (the work will probably be shit and need redoing anyway), or if giving myself 'til lunchtime to doss and then working on 'til bedtime (and properly cutting out the fanfiction-before-I-sleep part) will be enough to re-energise me. :s

Well I know what's going to happen if I don't take the morning off - I'll spend the morning arguing with myself over whether or not I should take the morning off! So screw it, I'm not starting today 'til lunch. :p

God I hate essays.
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Work was quite a relief today - amazing how much I don't like living at home anymore, give it makes work an enjoyable alternative!

There was a bit of a screw up, in that today's labels had been hidden away in a cupboard, and whoever did closing last y*day then laid out monday's labels instead. So I made up more sandwiches than I was meant to, and likely the wrong ones too.

I thought there was something up with that, 'cause I never normally make 15 of a sandwich type, and also the bb date was the 2nd...but I couldn't find any other labels so I just went with it.

Chris came in earlier today, and he found the missing labels - had been put in the cupboard where we keep extras to be used as stickers when wrapping up bacon sandwiches for customers; one of the labels was even missing, showing it had been used for that purpose! Anyway, he seemed a bit frustrated 'cause he'd apparently had a rough day y*day, but he didn't get too worked up about; just printed off some new labels and then we put a new sticker on each sandwich so the bb date was correct. He'll likely have loads of sandwiches which don't get eaten, but there's not much we could do about it - would be an outright waste to just throw them in the bin!

He also told me what's happening with the shop takeover. Already knew I knew what was going on, 'cause Jane had told him about her telling me... (god it sounds confusing when I put it like that!) But today he let me know he's still working there another 3 weeks, even though the guy is taking over this week, so that he can help smooth the transition for him. And he also asked if I'd mind doing a proper cleaning blitz on the place with him next week - I can stay as many hours extra as I want, and he'll pay me cash in hand for the overtime (I normally get paid cash in hand anyway, but I think he's literally just going to give me the money on the day, as opposed to doing a pay slip etc). :D Moneeeeeey!

So then he headed off to do the deliveries, and I finished cleaning up the shop, then walked over to Morrisons to stock up on food, which I then lugged back home.

At this rate I'm properly training up for my travelling - y*day walked from train station to home with my massive hiking rucksack stuffed full of books and a printer, and also holding my normal-sized rucksack in one hand. And then today I had my normal rucksack filled with melon, sweet potato, parsnips, etc, and a plastic bag with eggs, fish cakes, grapes...blah blah. Having just the one hiking rucksack will be so much easier me thinks!

Despite bringing the printer up with me y*day I managed to forget the software cd, but mumkin posted that up and it arrived today, so I'm going to print off all the work I've done on all my essays so far, and go over them with highlighters and pencils. :)
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Got back from my easter week at home today! Had to get up at 7am, train at 8:30, arrived here 11:30, walked from town to house by 12ish, got some milk etc then swept kitchen floor, vacuumed hallway and stairs, had a shower, emailed my dad and got started on lunch by 2pm.

Steph's just got back too - well, been here an hour or so, but she's still unpacking so I can still say that!

Home was bit funky. Found out on monday that my dad has a new girlfriend - and he hasn't told my sister or my mum (though I don't blame him on the mum part, and hope he doesn't tell her for a while...don't know if she can handle him getting someone that quickly), which made me feel a bit awkward 'cause I wanted to talk about it with Katie, but didn't think I should until he's told her himself. :/

Also my mum doesn't like my sisters boyfriend going round their house, and now Katie is convinced mum hates her boyfriend and is getting really upset about how she's treating him. So I had to try to play go-between for that, in the end just kept telling them both repeatedly to talk to one another about it, and I think they finally did last night.

Think I managed about 2 days in that house before I started feeling suffocated.

Couldn't go out because had to try to get as much work done as possible - and as always I didn't get enough done. And while I love my mum, I really don't like how she treats me like a golden child - just 'cause I'm never there and I never get in fights with her like my sister does. Also hate how she's always asking me what I want to eat, and what my plans for the day are etc. After living away for so long it feels too monitoring! So I spent most of the week dreading when she was going to be home from work, and then feeling guilty for thinking that way. :/

Was such a relief to get back up here! No idea how I'm going to cope when I go back in may, but I don't want to stay in York in the same house as Sam, and I can't afford to hop on a train and go and bug all my other friends. Maybe I'll just spend my days at the swimming pool...

Anyway, got to go to bed now as have work early tomorrow again. Will be interesting to see if my boss mentions that he's handing the business over soon, given this is the last weekend I'll be working for him before the new guy takes over...and he still hasn't told me he's sold it. :)
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I want to be a ballerina. Or a dancer. Or a genius working in a government think tank. Or a homicide detective. Or an art gallery owner. Or a caterer. Or a forensic anthropologist. Or a bellydancer. Or a model. Or an actress.

I keep getting all of these ideas, from anything I watch or read, and yet I can't do any of them. If I'd been training or learning towards these goals as a kid then I might stand a chance, but in keeping my 'options' open and taking the courses that I have I've been setting myself up for a generic desk job. Which is the one thing I don't want. :/

Have only managed a tiny bit of work so far today, and I didn't do too well on the waking up early thing either.

Tonight me and Steph are making chilli, and then hanging out watching Finding Nemo. At this rate I don't know how I'm going to finish my essays. It looks like I'll definitely be spending any spare moment at home on the computer, but the most I can do is tidy up the stuff I've already written 'cause I can't take out books for all 3 essays.

My new goal therefore, is to get this essay up to the 4,000 mark, and then next week I'm taking my dissertation books home, reading, and tidying up my current essays on the comp. Then when I come back I should have figured out how to finish them all off, and have my dissertation fully planned out and emailed off to my supervisor.

This essay is currently 1,245, so I just need to get it up to 2,000 (though a bit over would be nice) today, and then I can do another 1,000 tomorrow, and the final 1,000 over friday and saturday.

Well I've managed to waste about an hour, and now I'm going to go to the loo. If I hit my target for today soon then I'm going to celebrate with DIY beauty treatment I think :)
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So far I haven't been very productive with essay writing.

I did spend 3 hours of solid work in the library on monday, but it felt horrible (no cups of tea, no comfy seat - I got told off for putting my feet on a chair! - and plus got a horrible headache for not taking a break), and all I managed to do was read one book. I had originally intended to stay until 5pm at least, but I caved and came home early instead and wrote about 100 words.

Today I didn't bother trying with the library; I've got all the books I need for one of my essays here anyway. I did about 200 words today, but I also spent most of my time going through the most recent feedback on my essays, narrowing down on what my weakest writing points are. And then I went through the essays I'm writing and who will be marking them, and I've started to analyse my markers own writing style. I figure if anything's going to teach me how to write an essay that will get a good mark, it should be the marker's own style. *crosses fingers & touches wood*

Was going to pull an all-nighter, but I'm so wiped from trying to think in essay-style that I think it'll work better if I go to bed early & get up early tomorrow. I've been having trouble getting up in the morning again the past week or so - think that's down to easter hol mentality, but I'm planning on kicking that bad habit away again.

Anyway, so I'm feeling a bit more in control of my essays now. I have a plan of action. Now I just need to do the actual writing part. I've got 1,200 done on this third essay, and if I remember correctly the other two essays are only missing 1000 words each, so it'll be tough going, but I should have stuff under control. Maybe.
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Well I've been minus classes for 2 days now (today's 3rd), and while I did get work done on the first day, y*day I had another depressive-job-oriented meltdown. This entailed doing zero work, going stir crazy and jumping house...only to have no-where to go, 'cause despite their oh-so-sincere offer of their house always being available for me, yani&co were all out - again. So I did a round walk, nearly got run over, and came home. Where I again did no work, but drowned my depression in Gossip Girl eps.

And then in evening I rang my mum and started crying. :/

Feel like such a selfish cow, but I really wish I wasn't going travelling now. As I said to mum last night, I'd rather stay here & work out a future which will allow me the freedom to go travelling, than go jetting off & try to cram as much travelling in as I can before coming back and chaining myself to a job I hate because I'll be flat broke.

Obv I can't back out now - we've got the tickets booked & paid for. But it feels rather empty; going to these places for the sake of it, and not because I especially want to go. The places I wanted to visit in particular are the ones we're spending the least time in. And I just think I'm going to go a bit insane about not getting anything lined up for when I get back.

Mum told me off & said I should be more 'glass half-full', but that's really hard when it feels like I've just wasted 3 years of my life and graduation is when I jump into the money-sucking blackhole of life.

Sorry, my journal isn't exactly a barrel of laughs...ever! It's just remarkably true that you always note the negative things more easily than the positive. Besides which, I reckon (&am hoping) that these past few years will be the hardest of my life, so they're entitled to be angst-ridden, whiny, monologues. :p

Today I'm actually feeling more positive than y*day though - despite all the self-pitying drivel - and while I'm still not motivated enough to do proper work I have managed to do a bit of reading for it. I'm sure by monday I'll be back to normal emotional levels, and even if not I still plan on locking myself in the library.
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Just made some american-style lemon pancakes - absolutely gorgeous, but probably a few too many. :) Came up with 3 huge pancakes, and then I got some of Steph's golden syrup to drizzle on top...

Managed to eat 2 and 1/2 but am now feeling very full, so taking a break! lol

Am quite happy today - I got through the amount of reading I wanted y*day, and whilst I'm a bit annoyed I overslept today I'm very glad that by the time I did wake up Sam had gone on to campus for her exams. Leaving me, Lianne and Steph, all of us with work to do, but in good moods!

I haven't been massively lazy btw. When I say I overslept, I got up at 10:30. Then I had a shower and got dressed, which took me to about 11:20. Then I made the pancakes from scratch, and did all the washing up etc. So really I've only been a bit more relaxed than normal. Still, I'm going to get started on my work again now.
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Mmmm homemade jam! XD

Saw my supervisor today - finally - and while she didn't seem too annoyed with how 'difficult' I'm being with my essay, she did still seem really reluctant to let me do what I want.

We've narrowed it down so I'm focusing on techno-science culture, and even though she doesn't like the topic she does know a bit about it, and what kind of books I need to read. I told her about one I've been reading, but she didn't know it. After wiki-ing it & hearing what I said about it she didn't really trust it, and she's given me a list of books I need to read & understand before she'll let me do this topic for my essay. :s

Thanks to stupid lessons I still haven't finished my other 3 essays, and I'm determined not to knuckle down on my project essay until they're out the way. But equally the sooner I start reading for my project essay the sooner I can get the go-ahead to do it, instead of getting halfway through easter break and being told I definitely can't do it. *conflicted*

So now I'm properly knuckling down with my essays, and hoping they'll all be finished by end of next week - right before I head home for a week. Had my last lesson of the term today, so there's nothing to distract me, and I'm not planning on going on to campus unless I desperately need a book!

I've read about half a book today, in between my meeting, my class, my lunch 'date' and the library (been twice today). I've got about two pages of notes from it so far, and I'm properly reading it line-by-line which is why it's taking so long. I'm planning to finish draining that book of info tonight, and at least getting halfway through another one before bed. And that should get me nicely started on the pile of lib books on my shelf. :)

So I'm kinda panicking about project essay, but I'm feeling a bit more in-control with my other essays. Though I think that might simply be because I don't have to juggle them with anything anymore...
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I kinda packed my room today. Ready for when I leave uni completely. *whistles innocently*

I know it's way too soon, but I really want to go now, and somehow I thought getting packed would be a good consolation. Sort of a 'well, you will be leaving eventually' kinda thing?

I guess my room's about half-packed. All my DVDs, my non-uni-related books, my japanese learning stuff, my photo albums, my jewelry, clothes I definitely won't be using anytime soon, all the junk I've accumulated on my shelves, and the vast majority of my stationery.

I've still got tons of clothes, but I'll either bin bag them, or steal the slid-ey drawer thing in my cupboard which houses the majority of them anyway.

Also have my duvet, towels, pillows, etc, which will also be bin bagged.

My laptop and other electronic stuff have some of the original boxes, and the rest I'll just put in my rucksack for the trip back home.

After that I only have uni books (one big bag) and makeup/body products/toothbrush etc (one bag) to pack. Guess that's the genius thing about such a small room! :)

Damnit, now I really want to go already. :/

Despite my loud & frequent protestations that I don't want to or plan to move home when I return from travelling, me thinks I'll have to.

I won't have anywhere set up before I get back to England, and the last thing I'll want after so much travelling is to go and beg floor space off of friends. :s

This is probably why it makes more sense to do the gap year before uni! At least then I'd be going straight on to uni after, so I'd have something lined up. As it is I have zero lined up, so I'm going to come back flat broke, majorly in debt, with no idea what job I want, let alone any progress in applying for something. *groans*

Was just watching The Hill on E4 - sad, I know, but it's addictive. :p

It amazed me how easy they make life seem! Or at least, how easy they make all the jobs/internships/houses/etc seem. Sure they don't seem to have a clue what they're meant to be doing in those jobs half the time, but it doesn't seem to matter! lol

Anyway, enough of my normal crisis-talk, I have brilliant news!!!


So happy & relieved now!

Was beginning to get really worried, 'esp 'cause both parents had talked to her(a.k.a had a go at her) about it, and that didn't seem to have any effect. But she rang me this morning when I txt'd her & we had a good chat (despite her being half asleep still!).

It's like a warm ready brek glow in my tummy. :)
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Okay, here's my list of jobs (which I've thought of and discarded):
Graphic Designer
Assassin (one of the better ideas)
Forensic Photographer
Forensic Anthropologist
Police Woman
Travel Writer/Photographer

Caterer was the most recent, and I was all excited 'cause it seemed reasonably workable compared to the others. But I'm already bored with it. :/

So it looks like I will end up just plumping for any old job when I get back to England next year. Kill me now.
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Okay, well the cleaning was nice - felt quite cathartic, and the house looked alright for once afterwards.

All 3 of us did get pissed off with Sam though.

Turns out she hadn't offered an explanation to Steph the other night, just said that she didn't have time. And Sam didn't offer to clean the bathroom instead; that was Steph's suggestion to her.

Anyway, Sam didn't go out for ages.

Me & Steph started cleaning at 10:20ish, and Sam was still in house. In fact she came give us a different cleaning fluid, which apparently "works better", then she buggered off upstairs again with a "if you need a hand give us a yell".

Riiight. So she was too 'busy' to help, but if we demanded she do so then she'd suddenly become miraculously free?

Anyway, Lianne got in just gone half past and immediately dived in - she did the downstairs toilet, and vacuumed the hall and upstairs.

Steph did the bin, oven and fridge.

I did the washing up, sink, counters, hob and washed the fridge drawers.

Sam came back down after we'd been at it for an hour or so, and started making her lunch. Which involved lots of, "excuse me"'s and her rearranging the stuff of hers which I'd put in cupboards.

And me & Steph were just flabbergasted - I mean, we were still slaving away, and she just waltzed in and did her own damn thing, which made us feel like we were in the way!

So Steph said, in a pissed off voice, "yes, I'd love a cup of tea", to Sam - who hadn't offered to make one! *snorfle*

Sam then said "actually I'm rushing out right now", and then proceeded to 'rush'. A.k.a she ran upstairs and hid 'til her toast popped up, then she ran back down, grabbed it & legged it out the back door.

Me and Steph were v.unimpressed, but Steph turned to me and said "do you fancy a cup of tea?".

So us 3 had a tea break, and Steph and Lianne cracked open their biscuit stashes for dunking. I've promised to bake them cookies next week in exchange, and we just had a nice rest from cleaning.

Also told Lianne what had happened, and she said that while she was vacuuming Sam kept slamming her bedroom door like it was annoying her.

Thing which got me was that, despite being as pissed off as me, Steph and Lianne still tried to make excuses for Sam - saying that we should give her the benefit of the doubt, maybe she really did have a lot on. They're obviously both a hell of a lot nicer & forgiving than me!

After out break Lianne had to go to another lecture, and Steph wanted to go visit her granddad's grave, and do a practice run to this place she's got an interview at next week. So they left and I washed the mugs up. Then I cleaned the table, and then gave the floor a proper going over - even moved the couch out and did under that, then tucked it all back in. Gave the door and skirting boards a quick wipe down too, and then I went and did some work.

Sam got back home before the other two, and shut herself in her room again.

She came back out late afternoon, spent about 10 minutes cleaning the upstairs bathroom, then went and had dinner and lazed about on the couch watching tv.

Now that just seemed like a slap in the face to all of our hard work - though I seem to be the only one who saw it like that.

But c'mon! She put barely any effort in the bathroom - only reason I could tell she'd done anything was 'cause the orange scum from her lush products was finally gone from the bathtub! And then she went and sprawled herself out on all of our hard work!

And at no point in the day did she have more work on than us, or appear more stressed than us. Other than lunchtime when she practically ran to get away from us before we could haul her into doing some work!

Anyway, when I went into the kitchen for my own dinner that night & saw her sprawling on the couch like that I just couldn't look at her, I was do disgusted by how rude and inconsiderate she'd been.

I thought I was doing better this term at not getting riled up over such petty things, but no matter how positive I start out I just can't seem to stand living with her. :/

Makes me feel horrible, 'cause I know this is rather petty, but at the same time she just pushes all my buttons.


Y*day I had a 3 hour lecture, which ran over by half an hour, so I was uber late going to lunch with Fuzzles and co. Wasn't sure if I should go at all, 'cause I had a seminar at 1:15, and by the time I met up with them it was just gone 1.

In the end I decided food & seeing Fuzzles before she went back to Singapore was more important, and skipped the seminar.

Was a bit disappointed 'cause I know we were going to do more conversation analysis, which I love. Still I managed to eat my bagel in peace, and catch up with the others a bit, so was probably a good substitution.

Then I met with my presentation group one last time and we hastily got all the games sorted out. And then I had the presentation.

We managed an hour and half!! Was only meant to be an hour, but we just wouldn't stop! :)

Fit two of our games in as well, but didn't have time for the third one.

I don't think my part of the presentation went very well - I'd deliberately not done much for it, figuring we wouldn't have enough time to go into much depth on our individual parts, but now I wish I had done more.

Don't think mine was the worst out of the group though, so I'm not too bothered - it should've been good enough for me to pass the module.

Oh, and a bonus from y*day and eating lunch with Fuzzles, Yani, Laura & lil' Steph, is that I now have a standing invite to live at their house! XD

I've been mulling over moving back home next term - if I get enough work done over easter I shouldn't need the library, and I should be able to move back home until my deadline. That way I can completely avoid Sam!

Already told Steph I'm thinking of doing this, and she wasn't too happy, but she knows from all my rants that it really gets to me, and she couldn't think of anything to say to dissuade me. Yani & co added their upset-ness, but they also offered me use of their fold-out bed/Fuzzles' room when she's away.

Anyway, enough of that, I'm not quite ready to abandon ship yet. I'm going to get some sustenance, do some work, then crash for tomorrow.
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Steph has decided that today is house-spring-clean-day. I came home y*day to discover a note on the fridge saying her intentions to clean *everywhere* and that any volunteers to help would be much appreciated.

This weekend it was just me & Sam in the house - Steph went to Dublin with her semi-b*friend, and Lianne stayed at Steve's. I cleaned up solely after myself and left everything else as it was.

In short, Sam turned it into a pigsty.

It was already messy from last week, when again it was mainly me & Sam in the house - Steph was out on campus a lot, and Lianne was at Steve's again. And again, I just cleaned up after myself.

Sam didn't pick up anything that she dropped on the floor, she didn't touch the counters with a cloth, or the table, or the hob. Nor did she do her washing up, or empty the bin - even when it got to heaving capacity.

By the time Steph got back on monday the hallway smelt like something had died in there (Steph's b*friend's words), and when I got in on tuesday it smelt like rotting garbage to me. :/

My immediate reaction was to empty the bin and sanitise the hell out of it - definitely breaking point - but then I saw Steph's note on the fridge, and managed to grab a hold of myself, so instead we can blitz absolutely everything today.

I'm shocked, disgusted, annoyed, repulsed, etc etc, that Sam meanwhile was merrily tucked up in her room, paying no attention to the disgusting state of the kitchen - and it was mostly her fault! (I'm not saying the bin was her fault, 'cause we all use it - but for frigs sake, she's never emptied it! And despite this little social experiment to see how bad she'd let it get, I am appalled to say she would let it get to the stage of sprouting legs and walking before she'd even think about emptying it)

Then last night, Steph came upstairs when she got in to say hi to me, and I told her I have today at home so I'll definitely help the cleaning. Then on her way downstairs she stopped at Sam's room and asked if she'd be able to help too.

Answer: "Umm...well, no. [bit I couldn't hear, but was no doubt some lame excuse for not being able to] But, I mean, I could maybe do something, like the bathroom, later, tonight..."

And she sounded back to her normal 'stressed' self. Meaning it's probably hit her, now that the uni fashion/dance show event is out the way, that she in fact has done no-where near enough work for her degree this term. All she's been doing is going to rehearsals for the show, and going shopping to get stupid hair twirly, sparkly things, so they can all look like idiots on stage (saw some photos on fb, and it looks like someone wisely vetoed the hair things - 'cause no one was wearing them! lol).

I really, really hate living with this girl.

She's inconsiderate towards others, but makes a huge fuss if she thinks something's annoying.
She's unclean - I don't care how much she loves Lush products, or that she bathes daily; if you don't keep your environment at least reasonably clean, then in my eyes you're simply dirty too. :p
And she just has a really bad attitude towards co-habiting in general.

Take this cleaning day for instance. Despite being 'sooo busy' that she can only possibly spare an hour or so tonight, to clean the reasonably clean upstairs bathroom, she's already been up since 7 or 8. She's had a lovely leisurely breakfast downstairs, watching the tv and laughing at something. Then she's had an equally leisurely shower, followed by hairdryer-action! And now, she's surfing the net. At a minimum she's already wasted 2 hours, supposedly being 'busy'.

When she was downstairs I heard some plate-noises, and assumed she was doing the obvious thing and getting her washing washed and put away, so me & Steph don't have to do it when we start cleaning. However, when I went downstairs to get my own breakfast, I found she had in fact simply brought another plate down from her bedroom...and added it to her pile.

Me & Steph haven't started cleaning yet 'cause we're waiting for Lianne, who's back at 10:30. Even if Sam has an 10:15 it's not exactly hard to do a bit before you go. She's leaving rather late if it is a 10:15 though, so either she's got a later class than that, she's meeting people on campus, or she's actually staying in today, but refusing to help us 'cause she's so behind on her uni work.

Damn, I only meant this to be a quick post!
Oh well, shows how much she drives me up the wall I guess. :/
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Medium: Television
Fandom: Torchwood
Subject: Owen Harper
Title: Dead But Still Here
Warnings: Spoilers for Torchwood Season 2, eps 7 & 8.

Notes: I should probably pre-warn that I’ve also added my own interpretations of how the songs fit in with the events. Also for some reason this has come out a bit Tosh/Owen, which is strange ‘cause the only pairing I ship from Torchwood is Jack/Ianto! lol

My first fanmix & such an avoidance of work - absolutely ♥ing Torchwood at the mo though, and wanted to get this expressed before this week's ep

Zip file at the bottom :)

Read more... )
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d'oh a deer, a female deer...

I'm being a complete fuzz-ball lately! Also, rather lazy.

Still haven't gotten dressed yet today, and I haven't started to tackle any of my work either - and it feels great!

Last night I went out with Jane (used to work at Hartley's with me, but she's quit there now) to the pub, where we had some really nice desserts and a great catch-up sesh. It was really unusual though, 'cause my phone is currently dead, and I'd only just been able to send her a txt on saturday warning her my phone was dying and where'n'when I'd meet her, before it then keeled over and died. So I basically went on blind faith that she'd be able to turn up then!

She did though, bless her, despite wanting to meet at an earlier time - and being unable to beause of my phone! *growls at device*

It's not technically the phone's fault this time. When I went home last week to sort out the doctor's etc I accidentally left my charger in my room...and then I only realised on saturday when I went to charge it up & couldn't find the damn thing. :/

Mum's posting it up to me, but right now I feel a bit arm-less. And yet oddly less stressful as well.

I think that's 'cause I know Yani & co are probably txting me demanding I go 'round theirs again - for another 4 hours in which I watch them search the internet pointlessness - and b/c I can't actually get their txts I'm free to 'forget' they mentioned last week that I should go 'round theirs the beginning of this week! XD

I'm thinking of writing this week off as a lost cause essay-wise. I've got my stupid presentation this week, so I've already got 2 meetings with my group (who I know hate & have given up on 'cause they're non-communicative idiots), as well as my normal round of seminars and lectures. I need to do a food shop as well, which I avoided this week, but now I've only got a mushroom and half an onion to my vegetable-name. :/

Next week I've only got one of my modules still running, and I think even with that I only have a seminar, so I'll be able to do my third essay then, and then I've got a week before I'm popping back home, so I can use that week to tie up all the other essays. *crosses fingers & touches wood*

Anyway, given how completely unproductive I've been this morning I think I'm going to go be unproductive a bit more, and then do some reading for my essays. I found quite a lot of stuff in the reading for my 3rd essay which will be of use in my dissertation (if my supervisor ever bloody gets back to me about whether or not I can do what I've chosen). :)
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Phew! I'm finally on a break so figured I'd fill my promise to Loll Loll, update here & in the process explain why I've been so not-here this past week.

Basically I'm uber-stressed! lol

I had mumkin up for a visit last weekend, which was really great - I got away from my housemates after they were horrible on friday and too loud for me to sleep (I know I should use earplugs, but I've tried them & then I can't hear my alarm :/ ), and stayed at a B&B with my mum. Not sure if I updated about that or not?

Anyway! The B&B was closer to town than this house, so it was easier to get to work for me, and it felt like I was on holiday...even though I was working!

Had breakfast with mumkin, then we walked on half of the wall (I got bored and made her stop), then we got hot chocolate, then went shopping, and eventually she had to head home so she dropped me back.

Then, I think it was the next day, I finally got 'round to ringing up the Doctor's back home to sort out my jabs for travelling - great news, it looks like the only one I'll have to pay for is the Japanese Encephalitis, for some reason the others on my list are free!!! - but even though I managed to get an appointment during easter, she said I wouldn't be able to have the jabs then...I'd have to wait 'til my files were all transferred back.

So I asked how long that took, and she just kept listing more and more weeks - the one she said which I can remember is 8 weeks. :s

I don't know if that will be leaving it too late though - esp' as I pretty much need them all done before my term starts up & I've got all my deadlines. So I figured the only way I can get it done is if I go back before the end of this term to start the transfer process.

So now I'm going back next week - I leave tuesday night, and come back wednesday lunchtime.

Good thing I'm going back though - I think it was literally the next day (well, it was 4am if that counts?) my brace decided to snap in my mouth. So then I had to panic-call the orthodontist after my lecture that day, and figure out what to do. So now I've got an emergency appointment with someone other than my normal person (who doesn't work on wednesdays), and I'm praying they say I don't need to buy a replacement (£40) or get a repair (£20ish).

So, in preparation for having such a big chunk taken out of next week - at which point I'm supposed to have done my 3rd essay and just be tidying all 3 up... - I've been trying to closet myself away and just study.

Lessons so do not help in this area.

Especially when I happen to have a meeting with my presentation group scheduled, and then when I'm on-the-ball and try to make them all bloody think so we get somewhere, one of them decides that means I'm in charge & says they should all email their separate parts to me to put them together. So now I've basically been given the ruddy presentation to do, and we're meeting again on tuesday morning to go through it all & I don't have TIME!!!

I mean, I do, physically, but mentally? That much work? And doing an assessed essay, and supposedly a project essay, and classes, and a class field trip...? *brain breaks*

And I've got the estate agents ringing me up every other day (well, they'd done it twice, but still), asking if it's okay for them to do viewings. And then I have the house certificate dudes coming on tuesday to evaluate the house.

And I've got Yani & co pestering me to go 'round theirs again and 'discuss flights' - a.k.a. sit around and not do much, then have a frenzied bout of flight-searching which requires only one person, and it being sorted out while the rest look on blankly.

Throw in a minor worry which is my housemates gearing up for Fusion 2008 - a fashion/dance show which both Sam and Lianne are taking part in, and which for some reason it's 'obligatory' that me & Steph attends. No problem for Steph; she wants to go. I do not.

Plus I'm back in my I-don't-want-to-live-with-these-people phase, ergo lots of hiding in my room, hoping I won't see them when I go to the kitchen. :/

Oh yeah, and my project essay? The one I almost blew my brain up writing an essay plan for?

My supervisor still hasn't got back to me about it, so I still don't know if I'm allowed to do it. She said she'd let me know on monday, by thursday there was no word so I emailed her, and got a frantic "I'll do it by weekend, I promise!". Which so far doesn't look like she will.

It's a horrible hanging-in-the-air feeling; I wouldn't be doing any work for it yet, but not knowing if I'll have to panic and think of something else is like having a little rodent creature gnawing at my belly whenever I think about it.

And voila! I think that's about everything to explain my Ostrich-behaviour. [which incidentally wasn't v.helpful, but I like avoiding life when it's stressful]

Ideally I should be working on my essay right now, but I'm torn because of the ruddy presentation.

And I'm weirdly fixated on shoes right now. As in, my trainers are trying to destroy my heels, and I don't have any which are aesthetically and practically suitable for my grad travelling.

*shakes head at self and stomps off to stare at a blank Word document*
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Am on campus at the mo!

Wanted to get some stuff from a Japan guide photocopied, but the place doesn't open 'til 10...

So thought I'd do an update while I wait. :)


Well, I didn't go to the valentine's sleepover in the end. I spent the day with Sukriti (we have all but one class together - and that class was cancelled this week), and we got talking about the party. She hadn't realised it had grown to such a big thing, and while she knows the others who were invited better than me, she didn't want to go to such a big event either.

Plus she'd been feeling ill on and off all day, and just couldn't be arsed basically. Which was pretty much the same as me, only instead of feeling ill insert a general tired zombie-like funk.

So we'd pretty much talked each other out of going by the time 3pm rolled 'round, and then Emmy popped by on her way to the gym and told us how she'd turned down 3 invitations for that night, b/c she wanted to be alone & not do anything. Having a non-involved person reiterate this desire to simply slob and not do anything was the clincher, and me & Sukriti made up our minds not to go.

After our 4:15-6:15 class we went back to Sukriti's - to think how we'd txt and let them down. She started talking to her cousin on the phone, and I got some noodles from Costcutter and cooked them back at her place. Then she made herself some sandwiches, and her convo with her cousin finished in time for us to eat together. Then we went to her room, and she txt'd to let them know she wasn't going 'cause was feeling ill still.

I decided to wait another half an hour, so wouldn't be too obvious that we were scheming together.

And thing is, even though we were being kinda bitchy and mean by doing this, we both kept noting that we didn't really feel guilty at all.

The other two (the party-holders) had changed who was invited, and they never made any effort to see us during the week. Dymph for instance came to about 2 of our morning meet-ups before our lectures, and then she stopped bothering - even though she's up already 'cause she goes to the gym in the morning, and she's in the same lecture as us. And Justine's always busy with other stuff, but doesn't even try to arrange a lunch on campus, or get in touch at all.

Anyway, so I txt'd half an hour later, and said that I'd gone home & was too tired now to come back out - also said that I thought the mental exhaustion from doing my essay plan had caught up with me. They didn't reply to either of our txt messages.

Fair enough, they were probably pissed off - but it doesn't say much for how 'eager' they were to see us, that they didn't even try to convince us to come...even if only for a little while.

That fact, coupled with us never really seeing them anymore anyway, and we were really not bothered that we'd probably pissed them off.

We ended up watching 27 Dresses, eating Penguins and M&M's, and drinking tea...and it was nice & relaxing - what we were both in the mood for, and what we'd thought the initial sleepover plan was meant to be aiming for.

I left at about 10, got home 11 something and went straight to bed.

Y*day I got up at about 8am, caught up on my homework, then spent the rest of my half day catching up with Torchwood (managed to miss 2 weeks worth somehow, so I quickly yoinked it with iplay), and then started watching Hotaru no Hikari (which is uber funny & cute!).

Went to bed at about 6pm, read for an hour or so...and by then my housemates were home. :/

Am seriously unimpressed!

I managed to get about 3 hours sleep, between 8:30 and 11ish, and the rest of the night was a complete wash.

They decided, yet again, that friday night was a brilliant night to do something fun involving alcohol - this time they wanted to watch High School Musical 2 with champagne margheritas.

Fair enough, have fun - why the hell does that involve leaving all the upstairs lights on, music on in bedrooms, trampling up and down the stairs and yelling to one another?!

I think the 3 hours bit must have been when they were watching the DVD and drinking, 'cause after that I got woken up by Sam returning to her room...then going to the bathroom...then back again...and repeat.

That might not have woken me up - if it weren't for the mega loud crash when she dropped something in her room.

And then Lianne came upstairs, and then went and sat on the stairs and talked to her mum, really loudly, for ages, about how she wanted some cajun chicken & canned new pototoes, and potato skins (her mum was asking what shopping she wanted her to bring when they come to visit today, so I had Lianne reciting her whole shopping list - and 'cause she was drunk, she was stuck on repeat with the things she wanted most, i.e. potato skins and canned potatoes).

Steph also came upstairs, to see how Sam was doing (she'd drunkenly put herself to bed by this point), and she at least had the decency to whisper, even though I could still hear her 'cause by that point I was wide awake.

Then she got Sam a glass of water and went to bed herself. At which point Sam then went and threw up the glass of water.

Then Lianne decided to bounce down the stairs going "yahooo!", start laughing at Steph and Sam for going to bed already, and then finally put herself to bed.

Only to get up and be sick 2 minutes later, before tottering back to bed & for some strange reason leaving the landing light on.

And repeat.

About 5 times.

Each time leaving the landing light on. *grinds teeth*

So I started to properly drop off to sleep at about quarter to 2 - just when I needed to start waking up!

Anyway, I've decided enough's enough, and I left a note saying;
"Can you guys be more careful about turning lights off - I keep finding them left on for no reason. ~you guys are bloody noisy, and Steph's the only one who can hold her drink"

Steph and Lianne's parents are all coming this morning, and I really don't want to see any of them, so I've told my mum to come and meet me here when she gets in town, and hopefully I won't have to see any of them all day!

I'll ask them more directly to be a bit more thoughtful on fridays - i.e. fuck off out the house please! - when I do see them again, because something tells me they won't quite get what I'm implying in the note.

My mum's due at about 11, and I've already wasted half an hour on the comp so I might go and see if I can get a bit of reading done as well as photocopying.

Can't wait to see her! Hopefully will put me in a better mood & take my mind off housemates! :)
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Phew, I did it!

Ended up having my lunch break at 2:30 - was only halfway through the plan, but with the estate dude due at 3:30 I figured I'd better stop there, eat, and tidy up the kitchen a bit.

In the end Steph had beaten me to it, having had her lunch break half an hour earlier and then tidied - but the estate dude arrived early, so it all worked out quite neatly. Then I went back to my work, and finally got it finished and sent off at 6pmish. So I no doubt missed her in the office, but at least I got it done before the end of the day. :)

Tomorrow's Valentine's Day, so Happy Valentine's to you all in advance!

I've got a full day on campus, and then I'm going 'round Justine's in evening, so I prob won't get chance to say it tomorrow.

I'm not sure what to expect tomorrow night though. It was originally going to be me, Justine, Dymph and Sukriti, but I checked on fb y*day and suddenly there's 4 more people coming - all of whom are Dymph's friends.

Fair enough, it's her house & her party too... but it's meant to be a sleepover, and in my experience you generally stick to a smallish group of close friends. I have met all the people coming, but they're all so very much Dymph's friends, that I know I'll feel awkward with them. Plus, they're all in rev together (christian gospel choir uni group) - all really nice, but they're v.clique & last time I was with them as a group I just felt like the odd one out. :/

Don't know if I'm just being uber-picky again - all I seem to do lately is complain about things which are meant to be fun! - it does just feel a bit weird to me though. Am I being a picky bint? Feel free to say so; I probably need some sense slapping into me! Where's Loll Loll when I need her...?

Reminds me...I really need to get some bloody stamps and post the rest of her b*day pressie!
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