Jan. 6th, 2007

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Woke up at 6:30 today and read a bit more Danse Macabre before getting up ('cos I didn't manage to finish it last night). Still haven't finished it now, but I had to get up and shower, and I haven't had chance to pick it up again since.

Anyway, once showered etc, I packed up my laptop, ipod, makeup, facewash, hairbrush, deodorant, blah blah, and hustled it all downstairs.

Then managed some toast for breakfast & orange juice, before me&dad hit the road at 8:00.

Only started to fall asleep when we were nearly at York, and dad pulled into a Little Chef, for a second breakfast (well, my second, his first). Had an "American style" one, with streaky bacon, scrambled eggs (really nice, abnormally fluffy&sweet), and pancakes with maple syrup. Also had a coffee for the caffeine boost, but was still too early & too rich for me to drink all of it.

The house was actually v.messy when we arrived.

Simon and Jess were the only ones in, and they were still in bed. Christmas decorations were still half-up, but they'd mostly broken and fallen down, so the house looked rather like some sort of fight had taken place in it.

The floor was filthy, and the kitchen was pretty much disgusting. There was barely anything in it, but the counters were gunked, and the sink was clogged up with filth & had mold growing on the counter behind it. I didn't look, but dad said the hob and oven were really dirty too.

Whole house had a musty, un-used, smell about it as well. Which it shouldn't have had, given Jess & Simon had been living in it pretty much all xmas. I'm guessing it's because they didn't open windows when they were here, and the upstairs wasn't as bad, so they probably didn't spend much time downstairs.

Was quite disappointed in them tbh.

I know they aren't the most house-proud of people, but Jess manages to keep her room smelling nice¬ growing stuff, the only area they both seem to fall down in is the kitchen. I don't know if it's because they rarely use it for cooking, but they just don't clean up after themselves in there. And because if they do cook it invariably tends to be fry-ups, they leave the hob (and often my pan too) in a disgusting state.

Just bugged me a bit, because I'd've thought they'd've picked it up a bit, knowing that we were all due back this weekend.

Anyway, my dad bleached the sink for me, and he also sweeped up all the leaves outside our door, before taking me shopping for a coat. Mumkin has a yen on that I won't survive the feb/march snowstorms we're bound to have, unless I get a proper coat. So he took me to the designer outlet, bought himself 2 shirts and a jumper & pointed out all of the worst coats. Eventually I started looking seriously, instead of just "no-ing" his suggestions, and I found a nice one.

Got a sandwich for lunch, 'cause I wasn't hungry enough to make full use of dad's wallet, and then we came back here.

To find Lianne's mum cleaning the entire house!

She'd de-christmas-ed it for us, polished everything, mopped the kitchen floor, scrubbed the counters, cleaned the bathroom, vacuumed, replaced our shower curtain&couch throw&bath mats, and she even put an air-scenting thing in the plug, to make the house smell nice!

She is so nice! Apparently she likes cleaning, but still I think it's really nice of her to help make it seem like a home, not a student doss-hole. I'm going to have to buy her something nice as a thank you I think!

Lianne's dad had also done his bit - he somehow managed to make it so that our phone, and our wireless router, hang on the wall. So they're off the floor, and out of our way. And they also got rid of all the cardboard Steph had tucked under the stairs, so we can actually use the cupboard to store things like our ironing board now. ^_^

They're coming back up on wednesday, and Lianne's mum is bringing back our shower curtains (washed), our throw (washed), and our bath mats (washed), as well as some of their vacuum cleaner bags, 'cause ours is full, and so the vacuum doesn't suck properly at the moment.

Then they all went off for dinner (Lianne had left a bit earlier, so she could go see Steve first). Jess and Simon had been out and come back and were in Jess' room again, so I hung out with Steph downstairs as she unpacked.

Simon suggested we all eat together tonight (except Lianne obv), and said that he'd cook if someone else washed up. We agreed. So he got Jess to phone in a 3 cheese pizza and a tomato garlic bread to the pizza place 'round the corner, and then we all trooped over to get it, stopping off at the co-op for milk and things first.

We ate it while watching a Star Trek movie on tv, and then Jess & Simon filtered back upstairs, and me'n'Steph went into her room and watched The Fast and The Furious.

I mostly just drooled over the guys, but Steph actually knows her cars, and she kept commenting on the ones they were using.

And now I'm in my snoopy pjs, in bed!

I don't know what I'm going to do tomorrow yet. Apparently I do have the first week off; it's exam time for those with exams (bumped into a socio friend in the Designer Outlet and she told me), so don't have to go pounding on department doors just yet...do need to book a contact lens check up and arrange to meet up with Justine soon though.

Now I think I'm going to read some fanfics, and leave the remainder of Danse Macabre for tomorrow morning (which I plan to be conscious for). :)


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