Jan. 12th, 2007

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Last night's dinner actually went quite well. I was a bit worried, 'cause I thought I'd overcooked the lentils, and then the potatoes were almost too old to be used, and then the cook times had to be a bit weird so I could fetch Sian and Bunny.

It all came together though, and I think I'm going to make it again next week sometime - it came out huge, so I'll have plenty of leftovers! :)

I'm not sure how swayed Sian and Bunny were - they were in their shy-quite-mode. They used to go into that mode with any strangers, but given they've both come out of their shells a lot recently I think it might have been more 'cause it was with my friends, who live in this house, so it probably wasn't neutral enough for them to be comfortable. Also, probably didn't help 'cause they all knew why they were there - would've been different if I'd just invited them 'round for a meal with me. *shrug*

While I was cooking Steph popped 'round to the chinese to get some egg fried rice to have with her portion, and I made her and Lianne take Sian and Bunny with them, to show them how near the co-op is, and also how we have 3 takeaways 'round the corner from us.

Steph was really good - she kept pointing out things about the house which were good, and she was more of a sales-person than I was. V.good, 'cause I'm crap at that kind if thing!^^

Talked to Steph after they'd gone though (Lianne went once she'd finished eating, 'cause she was going out with Steve - incidentally they were both v.ill last night & Steve's still poorly, poor thing!), and she said that they were rather quiet, so she couldn't tell how well it went. I'd forgotten actually that they'd met Steph before, but Steph had to stay in her room and revise except for when she came out to eat, so even though they already knew one another that couldn't help with getting them to talk.

I don't know how well they want to be able to get on with Steph and Lianne though. I think if one of them did sign the contract they'd be able to get on fine, and once they lived here I think they'd get to like Steph and Lianne. Just don't know if they want that, or if they want to move in with people they've befriended this year already. :s

I haven't given them a deadline for letting me know, but I did explain that unless they had any other questions they should have all the information they need - esp as they've seen the house and housemates now - and so I said I'd like them to decide soon.

Today I've just been puttering around.

Lianne's sick-aim has improved since last time she got ill from alcohol, but it's still not brilliant, so I've put the bathmats in the washing machine along with some of my towels, scrubbed the hob from last night's mess, and watched Silk Hope (Goldie Hawn film Read more... )).

Said I'd go into town with Steph today - I can't remember why I wanted to go in; all I can remember is that I wanted to buy a muffin from cafe nero, but I don't think that's a good enough reason for going all the way into town, and I have to go in on tuesday anyway, so I could get it then. Haven't heard from Steph yet anyway - she's got/had two exams today, which she had to leave here at 8am to get to, and while she said something y*day about letting me know at 3pmish today, so far she hasn't been in touch.

Going 'round Justine's for 7:30pm tonight, and she's cooking me and Nutcracker dinner (think she said she's doing chili con carne), and then we're doing alcoholic coffees. :) I've bought a mini bottle of baileys for it!

Was possibly going to go the gym today, given I didn't go y*day, but I don't think I can be bothered.

I've put some of my daily disposable in though, and it seems a shame to waste them.

~~ Just got txt off Steph saying she was en route to town, and when I asked if she wanted me to go she said she'd be alright on her own; hasn't replied to my q about how the exams were :s So looks like I'm being lazy for now and not going into town.

I know! I'll watch a dvd or something 'til 6pm, and then I'll go to the gym for an hour or so - and from there I'll go straight to Justine's! ^__^


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