Jan. 17th, 2007

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Oh...fuck, bugger, damnit!

Okay, both Sian and Bunny have turned down my offer of a room for next year - and can't blame them tbh. While I wish one of them had said yes, as it would be so much easier for me, it is better for them to go with people they've already known for a year, and this way also means they'll likely have housemates for their third year as well, whereas I'm not going to be here by then, even if I do keep the house.

Now have to go postering & sort through people, and I'm thinking getting just one person is going to be a last-min thing - generally speaking people will want to go with a group of friends if at all possible, so they'll hold off 'til they have no other choice. :s


Y*day went into town, eventually, and picked up my photos from Klicks. Also asked if they had any jobs going, and they do but they didn't have any application forms, so I've got to take a CV in soon - either today or tomorrow. Also popped into Boots and got a job form from them, and some new nail varnish.

Went in looking for a dark red or a brown, and came out with a purple. No idea how I manage this! Luckily it's a nice purple, and in some lights it passes as dark red, so I'm reasonably happy with it.^^

I got some food from M&S, which is expensive, but I left myself do it as a one off, 'cause couldn't be arsed to walk to Budgens or Sainsbury's, and the co-op doesn't have as wide a range of food in it. I didn't get too much, 'cause Steph's doing a Morrisons shop on sunday and is taking a list from all of us, but I did need to get some veg to last me 'til then.

When I got back I did the application form, tracked down more of my past-job details - actually took a long time - and then I just dossed about (again).

I meant to get up early today, but I overslep 'til 11, so I figured I'd doss & do Japanese homework. So far though I've just eaten lunch, checked my emails, and found out the distressing news. I can't really get them to track down a lone student for me either, 'cause then I'd have to tell them how desperate I am to get this sorted out fast, and given they're both feeling guilty already I've had to downplay it so they don't feel bad.

But! Back to the point. I'm going to make a poster now, then I'm going to do my Japanese homework, then I'm going to get dressed and toddle off to campus, print off the posters, and put them up.

I don't think I'm going to do the CV or job hunting today - I can do it tomorrow after my lecture (wahey! my first one of the term!).

Completely in ♥ with BATTLESTAR GALACTICA now! :)
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Got back about half an hour ago from postering-up the uni, and my legs are still recovering from the cold - I had jeans on, but still they're frozen!

I did the toilets in; Langwith (1), Derwent (3), Physics Centre (1), Roger Kirk (3), Goodricke (1), Wentworth (2), Vanbrugh (2), Market Square (1) and the Library (2). And possibly one other place, 'cause the figures don't add up yet... :s They never do with me!

Point is, I did a rough canvas of everywhere - the poster's asking for a female housemate, and I've put them in the female toilets (obv), 'cause I figure this will hopefully cut out any weirdoes or perverts from replying. *crosses fingers & touches wood*

Bumped into Hannah in Vanbrugh and she's not living with Sam anymore - they were both trying to get in a house with some other people, but while they took Hannah, another girl (who is currently in a different country, and so deemed more in need of the room) was given the other room they had going. So I've asked Sam if she wants to live with me, and while she asked if I was going to "woo" her, and didn't sound too unenthusiastic, she has yet to reply to my Q of whether she can come to dinner tues night (she's busy monday).

Would be so nice if the simple solution worked this time...


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