Jan. 19th, 2007

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ARGH! I'm such an idiot with phones!

Got an prospective housemate coming 'round at 3 - well, I'm going to collect them at 3, 'cause I decided that was easier than me trying to give directions.

Anyway, they rang me during my lecture break this morning, which was v.good timing on her part, but it still managed to scare me 'cause I'm so unused to having people ring me. It didn't help that I was in a queue in the canteen at the time, so I could barely hear her; as in I don't know what she said her name was, or what year she is. All I could hear, aside from the fact that she needs a room for next year, is that she's doing Philosophy.

Also, I've already managed to bemuse her (at the very least - completely put her off at the worst), because I tried to ring her back after my lecture and see if she wanted to see it sooner - 'cause I arranged to meet her at 3...even though my lecture finished at 12:15. 0.o

Just got her answering machine though, so I figure she was in a lecture, but I get home, settle down to eat lunch before going and picking her up, and what do I get? I get a phone call from her, asking if I'd called her earlier & why. And then I accidentally hang up on her.

Although I really don't get how I did that, 'cause I didn't press any of the buttons, so unless my ear rested against one a bit too hard or something then I don't get how it's possible...

When I explained to her that I didn't mean to hang up on her, if I was the one who did it, but I might've 'cause it's a new phone and I still don't really know how to accept calls on it - she sounded sceptical!

Can tell from how she is on the phone that she's quite shy/reserved, and also a bit posh.

...no idea what she'll make of me.

And none of the others are in to help!!

If she's a fresher I should be able to cope, but if she's a second year then I'll feel like a complete spaz, 'cause of what an idiot I've already made of myself - the first convo wasn't exactly einstein-ian either, given I basically just stood there and said "hi" 3 times, with no idea how to handle getting-a-housemate. Yet if she's a fresher I won't feel too dim, 'cause I've got age on my side!^^ (pathetic I know, but it's all I have!)

Oh yeah, and the church next door? It's holding a funeral at the moment. :s

Here's hoping they've finished before she comes 'round.


On a brighter note I really like my sociology module! ^_^ The teacher is really good, the module is v.interesting (sociology of consciousness, how can that not be great?), and I like the quirky way it's being taught.

We have group discussion (i.e.seminar-esque stuff), then general class discussions (still seminar-ey), then we have a 25min break, followed by our lecture. It's genius!

Have to say the discussions aren't as good as they could be - primarily because it's a v.large class, meaning you can't hear one another when you're in the groups, and then when you all get back together the class discussion is dominated by the loud speakers. Still it's a fairly common problem.


On another, negative, note, I'm annoyed with Yani and lil' Steph - more Yani than Steph though.

Yani asked me, twice, if I wanted to go and see Chicago with her and lil' Steph. First she asked me by txt, and then she asked my by facebook. Both times I said "yeah, put me down!".

So I assumed she was getting tickets, and then I asked her when we were going, and she told me the 16th or the 17th Jan (the tues/wed just gone).

Didn't hear from her after that. Heard once from lil' Steph, 'cause I txt'd to see if they were free monday night - given their exams were over I thought they might not mind if I popped 'round, but they were busy with their essays instead. Fair 'nuff, Steph in my house was also v.bogged down, so I kind of expected it.

Anyway, given tues and wed went by with no word from either of them I assumed the Chicago trip had been called off due to too much work. My housemate, Steph, asked me to go to the Minster Ball - which before I'd said no to because I was already spending £30 on Chicago tickets. So I said to her to check with Yani that the Chicago thing was def off, and if it was then I'd go to the Minster Ball (which I'd wanted to go to before the theatre, but decided I'd do the theatre instead 'cause I went to the Ball last year).

Heard from Steph after my lecture today.

Yani and lil' Steph say "sorry", but they've already been to see Chicago. Yani booked the tickets.


Excuuuuuse me?!

Okay, now I know I didn't explicitly say "can you buy me a ticket Yani?", but given I'd agreed to go - TWICE (enthusiastically both times)- and even asked when we were going...you'd think she'd've realised I wanted to go.

And nearer the time you'd think that, even if she didn't buy me a ticket, she'd get in touch so I could catch the bus in with them or something.

But instead I don't hear anything from her (and I'm mainly blaming Yani here, 'cause she's the one who organises everything, and she was the one who invited me, so, yeah, there is blamage). Not even to say they're not going afterall b/c of their heavy workload - and then it turns out that they didn't just decide not to go and then not tell me; they went, and 'forgot' they'd invited, or to tell me to buy my own ticket, or anything.

So I am, in a word, pissed.

I don't know if it's 'cause I haven't seen them recently, or if it's 'cause I don't live with them or what, but they're all being a bit...distant.

Laura (not you Loll Loll - loved the randomness of the Kiefer Sutherland txt btw!) hasn't been in touch with me about going to America in the summer.

I emailed her a few days ago asking if she still wanted to go - we need to figure out how many are going/book tickets soon, otherwise it'll be too expensive - and a day or so later she emails back and says she's too busy with work at the moment to look into it, and that she'll talk to me next week.

I wasn't even asking her to look into it! I was asking if she still wanted to go - I'd've been more than happy to do the looking! I, in fact, have been doing some looking! But given I don't know where she wants to go, me trying to find the cheapest flights isn't exactly helpful, as I could be getting us to completely the wrong place!

As it is the plane tickets are already up to £500ish. And I don't want to spend that much going to America. Esp 'cause then I have to pay for places to stay, food, and other transport.

People may be busy, but I still get stressed, 'cause you can't just put it all on hold 'til your work is done. Going out you can put on hold, but txting someone just to let them know what you want to do; theatre-trip/holiday-trip wise...I don't think that's too much to ask. And it would save so many crossed wires.


And now I do believe I'm going to go back to being stressed about my imminent visitor.

This is the first person who wants to look that I don't already know. :s


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