Jan. 23rd, 2007

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Quite a bit of drinkage happened last night. いたい!

But given I haven't updated in a while I should prob go over what's been happening...

The girl who I was nervous about coming 'round? Well, I went and got her & while she got a bit ansty and rang me as I was just about there - nevermind that it wasn't dead-on 3 yet - she seemed really nice. Was a bit posh 'cause she's in James college (stereotype, ごめん なさい), but nice.

She also seemed really keen - most likely 'cause she was nervous about house hunting & was surprised by how friendly I am. ^____^ Or she could've just really liked the house.

Anyway I emailed her the bill details and she said they were fine & wanted to meet the other two before deciding.

Saturday morning Sam finally makes it 'round to look at the house, and when I told her how the look-round with the fresher went she got a bit worried. Asked how I was going to decide who got the room, and I said I thought it was fairest to do on a first-come first-serve basis. So she decided to stay until she'd made a decision one way or the other. She asked lots of Q's, rang her mum, looked in the room twice (with pjs-Jess & naked-but-hidden-by-duvet-Simon included in the view), got me to toddle her down the road and show her the entrance to the back. And then she said a firm yes! :)

So I've got to print off the contracts this week, get her to sign them, and then I'm taking them back home with me in two weeks. I'll feel better once she's signed though, 'cause I kind of feel like I've tricked her into it somehow and she'll wake up and realise she doesn't actually want to live with me. :s

I warned her that I'd probably be going to Copenhagen - 'cause Steph told me off when I nearly didn't tell Sian and Bunny - and she got a bit mad at me for not telling her sooner. Tbh it just didn't register that I should tell all my friends. I mean, obv, I was going to tell them before I left, but given it's still in the "ooh, you may get kicked off the scheme" kind of stage; despite me having a "reserved" place, I didn't want to say it in case it fell through.

Anyway, then I went 'round hers that night & she cooked southern fried chicken (oven cooked, not deep-fat fried, so it's healthier), potato wedges and brocolli. Hannah came over as well, once her train came in the station. She was a bit emotionally-wonky though 'cause her grandpa isn't doing v.well & she'd been to see him but thought it might be the last time she does. :(

Sam made me tell Hannah about Copenhagen, and was quite funny, 'cause she spent the time we were cooking (before Hannah's arrived) telling me off about it - and then when we were eating she said "Sarah has something to say to you, Hannah". And I didn't have a clue what she was on about! So I was just sat there looking gormless and saying "do I?", with Sam glaring at me more & more. And then I realised and told Hannah, and then she told me off. And it was a v.fun evening...

I stayed longer than Hannah, and we snuggled on Sam's bed and talked about/listened to music - ooh! and we discussed Pride&Prejudice, movie vs tv.


Went swimming the next day - well, nighttime - with Justine, after a hard day of cleaning my room and parts of the house. She came back with me afterwards and we got pizza, which was yummy but it didn't sit v.well on my stomach. That's twice now, so either my stomach isn't as used to junk food as it used to be 'cause I haven't been eating it, or else it just doesn't like the takeaway 'round the corner. Least it tasted nice!^^


Y*day I went onto campus to meet Sukriti for lunch & to find out what's wrong with her; she's seemed really depressed & lacklustre when I've spoken to her or seen her recently. Also, she's taken to ducking out of meeting up & not responding to txts, which was v.worrying.

Turns out her supposed "best friend" is a self-centred cow, who keeps turning everything into a fight, and urgh *grrowls*. I won't go into it because it's really bad & not my issues, but short of it is Sukriti is stuck living with her for the rest of this year, and next year as well, 'cause she was pressured into signing the contract & now is too worried about hurting people's feelings to break it.

My worry is that if she stays living with this "friend" she's going to end up dropping out of uni - she's already at the point where she doesn't want to be here, she doesn't want to see people, or do anything, she just wants to be left alone. Ergo all the cancellations & not reponding to txts.


Popped into town and got Steph a mini b*day pressie, 'cause I didn't get her a proper one. So I got her a Whittards teabag-holding saucer thingy, and hopefully that'll stop her from leaving them behind the sink.

Got home, had a bath, cooked a pasta bake, then went to Japanese - got hailed & rained on en route, and the real bugger is that it all stopped before I'd even got there, so it felt like the weather had done it just for me. Isn't that sweet of it?

Only stayed an hour though, and then I rushed home to eat the dinner & get ready.

Me, Steph, Lianne & Justine got a taxi into town together, and went to Evil Eye.

And I got v.drunk.

We'd all slugged back the remainder of Steph's vodka-fied Dooleys before we left the house. V.potent stuff.

Once in Evil Eye I had a Dragonfly shooter - creme de menthe, baileys, and something else. And I got a Long Beach ice tea - which didn't have cranberry or coke in it, so I'm not too sure what I was actually given.

Other people joined us there; Gemma, Anna, lil' Steph, Laura and Yani.

Once that was finished I went back downstairs with Justine and I got a Bumblebee shooter - absolutely no idea what was in that, just remember I got it 'cause it sounded most potent. And I got a Tokyo ice tea - which was v.nice, and had rather a lot of midori in it.

Tried other people's stuff too - Brazilian Monk, some weird lemon cocktail thingy, strawberry daiquiri, and possibly some other things I can't remember...

I got v.trashed basically. Which was kind of the aim, and also wasn't helped by the fact that Yani was there & I overly-focused on drinking so I could passibly ignore her.

Actually, didn't so much ignore her as just treated her like someone I only vaguely know. Spoke a lot to lil' Steph, and a bit with Laura. Yani mostly kept her distance herself though.

She didn't try to talk to me, just hovered nearby and I noticed her watching me as I talked to other people at various points. *shrug* Other than one phone call, which Steph fielded for me, she hasn't tried to get in touch with me, so...meh, I guess.

Her and Laura left early, 'cause Yani didn't feel well.

Oh, and just remembered - we all went on to the Lowther pub - which was soooo cool, 'cause the river banks had flooded, and they'd had to build a special thing to step on so you could get in the pub.

I had a budweiser. Chloe and Kasia joined us there, and I remember taking lots of photos.

Then we all toddled off to the Gallery. Justine didn't want to go in though, so we got a taxi back from outside there.

Was a bit too pissed for a dvd/popcorn/baileys finish though, so walked Justine to her door & rain-checked that part of the evening. And then I walked back from there on my own.

That was when I realised exactly how drunk I was!

Had to have been the most difficulty I've had walking when drunk, and it was rather slippy which didn't help matters! I'm rather amazed I made it back in one piece, but yay!

I ate some more food & drank apple juice, and went to bed. Didn't hear the others get in.

Woke up at 8 this morning, convinced my alarm hadn't gone off, which was correct - 'cause it was set for 8:30. I then reset it for 10.

Have to go to an Economics experiment at 2, so I need to go and shower now.

Feel rather icky & just wanna curl up in bed for day. :(


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