Feb. 2nd, 2007

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Had my lecture of the day - woot! Finally got my group together afterwards - well, only two of them, but it's progress! Matt pissed me off 'cause I saw him at the beginning and told him I wanted us to meet after & he tried to frigging sneak off - I have to f***ing chase him!!!! @_@ Hen was better, but she seemed scared by me....:(

Foolishly went straight into town - meant to be doing a drunken lunch with J (my one y*day got cancelled, meanies :p) and then getting straight on my train home. Forgot what time she said she'd be able to get in town for though, and so while I puttered about - bought a CD - and tried to wait for her patiently, she txt'd me and said she wasn't in 'til 1:45 earliest. Leaving me with over an hour to spare!

So I ended up buying another bus ticket in order to pop back here for a bit, before going back in. Waste of money!

But I bought Amy Winehouse's FRANK CD & I've just put it on my laptop. Think I'm gonna give it to dad, but I'm not sure if he'll like it so I figured second hand would be okay. :)

Anyway, I'd better go and get my bus.

Going to be without the i-net :s Nooo! Still, I'm not taking any work back with me, and hopefully it'll be nice and relaxing to be home-home.

...yeah, right! *snorts*


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