Feb. 13th, 2007

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Had a panic y*day. In Japanese class Jen mentioned she had to get her passport renewed for summer, which reminded me to check my own's expiry date. Good thing I did, 'cause it runs out when I'm in Cyprus!

Got that sent off for renewal today though, so it should be done in time. V.expensive though - £70!

Bought a new swimsuit while I was in town...from Boots! It's actually really nice and was only £20, which is one of the cheapest I've come across. Doesn't completely cover my tatt though, but I've come up with the solution; I have to wear my tankini top over the swimsuit. ^_^ It doesn't look too bad, so I can pass it off as my weird sense of fashion, and it makes sure it doesn't peek out from the top or the bottom. Genius!

Phoned home tonight to tell mum about the passport - nearly gave *her* a panic attack before explained I'd got it sent off today. And then I nearly had a nervous breakdown on the phone 'cause I ended up talking about work.

I tried to do more essay today & it just completely wasn't working. So I've actually properly abandoned it now - emailed my teacher and got an emergency meeting with her organised for tomorrow. She said she'd look over the plan I've got for it so far and we could talk it over. I just hope she can actually help me, otherwise I'll have to try and pick another essay Q, and that will so break my confidence. Here's hoping that I'll figure this one out and then it'll be an academic confidence-boost! ...'cause at the mo it's just getting me so down & I feel so dim.

'tisn't nice & is making me wonder if I'll actually be able to do my dissertation, let alone stay on at uni afterwards like I want to.

So, yeah, v.depressed by work at the mo.

Still, if I get this one worked out with the teacher tomorrow *crosses fingers & touches wood*, then that's one out the way...kinda. And mumkin suggested I bring one to cyprus with me - which I might actually be able to do, given one of them revolves around a novel.

But now am going to go and chill & try to get my mind off this work problem.


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