Feb. 17th, 2007

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My educational studies teacher is really nice, and she honestly tried to help me on wed when I went and saw her in "emergency" panic. However, I've been trying and trying to carry on with the essay now, and while the articles I photocopied from her are a bit helpful, all they really do it critique Modularity, when what I need now is some solid info on Emergentism.

And the e-journal articles she directed me to? Yup, I have to pay to be able to read them. And no way am I doing that, 'cause I doubt they'd have enough in them to be of that much use, and they're really expensive.

There is one last hope for me - another book she suggested I try - but it's in the library, in Key texts, which means I can't take it out. And to be honest I just really don't want to spend my saturday sat in the library. So I'll do that tomorrow.

I'm a bit worried that one won't help me either though, given she kept mentioning it in relation to Modularity...which I've pretty much done. :s

So, I'm still pretty bad company at the moment. Didn't read a sad fic last night though, so I didn't repeat the crying jag. And Steph brought Farscape season 1 back from home with her y*day, and says we can watch it when I finish my essay!^^ ...which will never happen at this rate.


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