Feb. 20th, 2007

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I'm actually not depressed today!! Woohoo!

I kinda OD-ed on Princess Hours last night, so I went to bed feeling v.happy & cheesy romantic-ey. And that carried over this morning as well - set alarm for 7am, didn't register it properly 'til 9am (had been snoozing it for 2 hours without realising!), and then I promptly rolled back over and dreamed about Xin. ^-^

Got up at 10am, washed, dressed, ate, went to library. Stayed there about an hour or so but 'cause I hadn't been able to snag a computer I had to make do with writing notes on books. Didn't find much, and I gave up after a bit 'cause I was hungry again & the books were practically useless - 'esp 'cause I couldn't tell if what I was writing would actually fit into my essay anywhere.

Got back, cooked (jacket potato with tuna mayo, meditteranean vegetables and roasted parsnips), ate, got reminded it's pancake day today. Made some hasty arranges for J to come over later, then rant to buy some eggs'n'things for it.

Finally settled down to work and managed to eke out 100 words from the notes I took in the library today. That means I only have about another 500 words and it's done. Refusing to get depressed over that today! I don't care that the number count doesn't seem to have gone up any, nor do I care that I'm still having trouble finding books on the topic. I am POSITIVE-GIRL!

--> the fact that I know sugary pancake goodness is coming later helps. ^_~


In the end I missed the cultural performance last night. :s My own fault too, which is kinda sucky.

I trotted off for my Japanese lesson like I normally do, got there, got my seat and settled in to wait for the teacher/other students.

Only two others turned up though, and it turned out that the lesson had been cancelled 'cause the teacher's ill. We hadn't checked our email which is why we didn't know this, but luckily one of the guys who turned up rang someone else from our class who had checked their email.

So then I had to trot back home, so I could check facebook and see what Jen wanted to do about the performance.

Turned out she'd also not read the email, and so had been to campus and back for no reason.

I asked her if she still wanted to go, but she was rather un-motivated thanks to the false alarm of lesson-age. The tickets were only £2 so I let her off, and we arranged to go to the free makeover thing on wed instead.

So then I scrambled down to the kitchen and accosted Steph, but she was already going out for the evening so didn't want to go to the cultural performance with me. I then did some frantic txt'g, but no-one else wanted/was able to go.

Instead I went to bed early and watched Princess Hours 'til about 12.


Steph and Lianne have gone 'round Chloe's tonight, 'cause it's Emily's b*day and instead of going out (most of them went out last night and suffered today) they're doing a semi-girly night in with pancake mix and other assorted junk foods/alcohol(probably).

Jess and Simon must be 'round Simon's tonight - poor Jess has a cold & seems like she's dying. :s

And Steve won't be in at all, 'cause Lianne's out.

So I'm all on my lonesome...until Justine comes over at 9:15 when she finishes work!

What is this feeling? Could it be...cheerfulness? Hello stranger!


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