Feb. 22nd, 2007

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Wooohoo! Free domestos apron!!!!

The Cultural Beauty thing y*day was really fun - me and Jen got there early and had some lunch on picnic benches outside, then went in when it got too chilly.

Emmy was one of the people semi-in-charge and she dressed both of us up in sarees, and we got our pics taken a lot & by a professional photographer too. ^-^

Then Justine arrived and hung out with us, and then Sukriti got there too.

Didn't get as much done as I'd've liked - only tried a saree on, but Jen tried a yukata as well. We queued to get our nails done, but the queue was too long & Jen had to leave so she could drive home.

I left pretty soon after that too - talked J into changing her route home so she walked back with me.

I would've stayed longer, 'cause it was fun & I hadn't done much yet, but I was still feeling a bit ill from my sugar-hangover thanks to pancake evening w/ J.

That was really good fun, but we had far too much sugar - J brought a 6 pack of lemon fanta (my secret addiction damn her) and challenged both of us to split the entire pack between us in one night. We did it within an hour & then were acting like we were drunk, before feeling rather ill. :s


Today was my double lecture - the ones which were on simultaneously. Yay.

Anyway, I woke up feeling quite groggy today too, 'cause I watched Troy on tv last night & spent the night crying because of it. Also I didn't go to sleep 'til Steph and Lianne got back from clubbing/Chloe's, even though I was feeling a bit sick by the time that happened.

Made it to my lecture fine, almost fell asleep in it, but didn't. ^_^ Went to the cafeteria en route to the other lecture to grab some lunch, which I was planning to eat after sitting in on the remaining hour of the lecture.

Got to the lecture door.

...And literally couldn't make myself open it and walk in. Was too embarassed to walk in that late!

So I just puttered about in the comp rooms/corridor 'til the class let out & then I joined up with my group and we went off to talk about our project.

I feel better 'cause we've semi decided what each of us is going to write about, and we're just going to write our individual parts, then next week we're going to meet up and try to edit it together/see if anything else needs to be written. Progress!

We also discussed telling our lecturer that one of our group hasn't contributed & get him kicked out of our group. He just hasn't showed up to any of the lectures. And while he replied to my initial emails, he hasn't replied to any of our subsequent ones. We're going to give him another chance, but we're basically writing our parts without him & not giving him a specific area, so if he doesn't do anything we won't suffer as a result.

Anyway, we then split off and I headed home. Got in and had a shower, was just getting dressed when Steph got in and yelled up the stairs for me. Explained that I was minus clothes and asked her to wait a mo.

I get downstairs and she'd tried to empty the kitchen bin earlier in the day but the bag had split & she'd had to go out for more bin bags.

This then led to a complete spring clean - she was a bit stressed & refused to go to the co-op for bleach, so I put some outside clothes on and trotted 'round.

Domestos was on offer - ergo free apron!!

Carried my on-offer stuff home & we got stuck in.

Steph took the kitchen and mini downstairs bathroom. I took the upstairs bathroom & then came and helped finish up the kitchen.

I'm a tiny bit annoyed that Steph decided to do it today, 'cause we'd already agreed we were going to blitz the house tomorrow so it would be sparkling by the time my dad came up to visit/fix things on saturday - he keeps tutting and looking disapproving when he visits & it was beginning to tic me off, so I told Steph and she suggested we do the blitz - and not only do I have all of tomorrow off so I have plenty of time for cleaning then, but we'd also agreed we were going to rope the others into helping.

Steph was pissed off 'cause it's getting to her that me and her are the only ones who clean the house & she'd noticed the piling-up of washing like I did a while ago.

I dunno why it got bad again; it's probably b/c everyone's been getting ill lately & had more work to do. So they've slacked in other departments.

Still, the house is gleaming now & I guess I'll just have to do the work I'd intended to do this afternoon tomorrow.

Will have to cook something soonish I guess - I'm going out on a bar crawl/clubbing tonight, which should be interesting 'cause it's a sociology social & I don't really speak to many of the sociologists.

Justine's going & Fran apparently. We invited Jen y*day and she's coming too now, even though she doesn't do sociology. Sukriti was meant to be coming too, but she pulled out y*day 'cause she didn't really want to go.

I hope it'll be fun & I'm planning on getting rather battered, then having a nice lie-in tomorrow morning. But I'm still not in a v.clubby mood & I've no idea what I'm going to wear.


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