Mar. 2nd, 2007

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Hmph. My superviser stood me up today!

Had a 9:15 lecture, which was fine - consisted mostly of eating a galaxy chocolate egg (which wasn't too hard, despite the fact that I don't like chocolate eggs much & hate caramel) & trying to describe the experience of it in writing.

Anyway, that finished early and then I had an hour with my project group - Hen and Matt were the only two who made it though; Ed failed to turn up again & Robert dropped off his notes then ran off to a Fusion rehearsal. Hen has offered to be our editer & has already requested that we email our different parts to her; I'm going to email my original one, but have said I'll do more work on it on sunday.

I then had another hour to waste before my 1pm meeting with Nik. Went to the computer room, answered emails, saw Steph, Gemma, Anna, and Steph when they came in to do work. Trotted off to wentworth at quarter to, got there about 5 to.

Arrived at his office practically bang on time, knocked. No answer. Knocked again. Listened at door, no noise.

Waited about 15mins, but he didn't appear. Eventually saw the superviser meeting signup sheet pinned up by his door & realised that for the first time he's not holding them on the last day of term...meaning I can actually make it 'cause I'm still here on tuesday.

So I signed myself up to that, waited a bit more, then left.

Rather annoying though, 'cause I hung around campus for no reason, and he was the one who suggested this day and that time, so you'd think he'd be around, or at least make note of it somewhere.

Only just got 'round to emailing him - only semi-apologised tho, I just said "you weren't there when I went to your office" & informed him I'd signed onto the sheet instead.

Anyway, back home now and I've been doing some laundry & watching Diagnosis Murder - I think that has to be the most addictive tv show ever! Am now going to get my sheets out the machine & hang them to dry, and then I'll check my work stuff is in order and watch more Hana Kimi.

Going to see Fusion tonight with Steph, Yani & co - Lianne and Sam are in it, as is Robert, though I prob won't hunt him out in the interval. Should be a good night, and looks like I'm cooking for Steph and me tonight before we go.

And then my dad's coming up tomorrow.


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