Mar. 9th, 2007

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That Hana Kimi episode was soooo good! But now it's over, and for once I was foolish enough to watch the trailer for the next ep...and now I'm all impatient for it to be subbed and released! ;_;

Had my last lecture of the term today. It was quite interesting, but I kinda fell asleep a couple of times again - I'm not doing my essay on that part of the module though, so you can't expect me to pay attention!

I talked to the teacher afterwards though, and he's told me how I need to start my essay and we've arranged for me to see him after easter with an idea of what I want to do with the question.

Also! Robert was doing this advertising thing about summer jobs and he said the magic words "you make £4,000". So I've signed up for more information on that, and I really hope it does pay as much as that, and that it's something I can do, 'cause that might just solve my money problem for Sheffield. Or at least the tuition fees part of it. *hopeful*

Ran a few more errands while I was on campus; printed out kanji info which I need for monday's exam, and I also went and picked up the transcripts Paul left at the office for me.

Getting more worried now though 'cause Paul still hasn't replied to my ERASMUS email (Nik hasn't replied to my superviser one either, but I figure he's just rude).

So I've just re-sent the initial email, 'cause I don't want to email and ask why he hasn't replied - he's probably already annoyed with me, and I don't want to be rude on top of that - so that way he may just think it sent twice by accident. But hopefully it'll prompt him into replying. :/

Going 'round J's tonight. She's doing taco's and chili con carne, so it'll be interesting to see what we actually end up eating!

'Til then I need to do Japanese revision though (oh yeah, tried to go into the language centre and ask about doing another stage of Japanese over the summer, but the doors were locked for some reason :s).


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