Mar. 10th, 2007

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Last night was fun, we ate chili con carne with nachos, guacomole, cour cream, rice and grated cheese. Was really yummy! And we watched Ugly Betty and the Charlotte Church show (never again).

I left when it go to the point of "Ball of Steel" - looked ridiculous and no way am I sinking that low!

Not sure if Steph was upset with me or not.

She'd kind of hinted that she wanted to hang out with me last night - it was only a brief mention that she was going to stay in on friday & watch Ugly Betty, but I think it was a hint to me 'cause I've watched it once with her before & she seems to think that's another show I should get addicted to (I'm still take-it-or-leave-it tho).

Anyway I didn't really want to hang out with her, I wanted to see Justine. And I also thought it would be a good chance for her and Lianne to hang out - they went to an Ann Summers party together thursday, but I thought hanging out at home would also be good.

I probably should have told them I wanted them to hang out together though...

By the time I got back Steph was cloistered away in her room - still up 'cause I could hear the tv, but not coming out to chat - and Lianne was out with Steve (both bikes were conspicuously absent).

Which means Steph probably ended up spending the evening alone & resenting Lianne for hanging out with her boyfriend & probably mad at me for ditching her. :/

She was already at work when I got up today though so she'll probably be fine by the time she gets back tonight.

Meant to do work today but I ended up baking instead. Oops.

Have decided I'll revise for Japanese today and do the hardcore work tomorrow. ^-^

Just checked my emails and I've heard back from Paul. Was quite short and abrupt, just said "I received your previous email and I'll notify copenhagen that you don't want to go anymore". O_O

I would have felt better if he'd said whether or not someone could take my place - also quite scared 'cause it was so abrupt and I still have to see him after easter about my project. Grr.

Anyway, gonna get a drink & revise! Ciao.


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