Mar. 13th, 2007

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The Japanese test y*day didn't go v.well. I'd done tons of revision, but I didn't focus on は、の、と、で、を、に enough, nor on practicing their actual applications - so when I got presented with Japanese sentences and told to circle which of those belonged in a certain place, or to circle the X is none belonged...I kind of fell to pieces. It probably didn't help that the teacher had used vocab I've never come across - so we haven't gone over it in the lesson yet - in the sentences, so I couldn't even figure it out by translating it, 'cause I was only able to half translate the sentences. ;_;

Also found the new vocab thing to be a right bitch when it came to figuring out where all the objects were placed & then draw an appropriate picture representing that. 'Cause there were two items which I didn't even recognise, so even though I could translate where they were meant to be I couldn't draw them!

Anyway, had dinner in the pub with Justine again (2 weeks running!), and that was nice - good food, good company = nice way to unwind.


Had my superviser meeting this morning, and the dude definitely doesn't remember me once I've stepped outside of his office. He didn't ask me why I'd failed to turn up to the previous two superviser meetings, nor did he apologise for standing me up a week ago, and he didn't ask me about Copenhagen either!

He just sat there, smiling at me, waiting for me to say something to help him figure out who I was.

He's actually really bad - even when I was asking him about dissertation-ey stuff - like when I need to start figuring out what to do, or how I get a superviser for it, etc - he answered my questions fine, but he volunteered absolutely none of the details of his own accord. Basically I had to eke each piece of info out of him, so if there's something important I forgot to ask...

Also, I said that I was concerned 'cause I don't get any feedback on essays until after I've already submitted them in to be assessed & there's no way to revise them then. He agreed with me that that is a problem with the system & said I'd just have to think hard about what I want to get across with the essay question and then focus on my essay style. But he didn't offer any aid in how exactly I'm meant to focus on my essay style when I don't get any feedback on it *before* it's already counted!


Anyway, then met Sukriti on campus and walked to Justine's to pick her up before trekking into town for a drunken lunch.

It was nice, but not v.drunken.

We waited for Fauziah to turn up but she was late so we ordered our meals and got a pitcher between us - Evil Sunrise. She arrived before our meals did and ordered hers, but ours came a long time before hers did.

Somehow I managed to order the spiciest out of all of us, and I'm the least spice-tolerant of all of us.

Sukriti is Indian, Fauziah is from Singapore, and Justine puts about 6 chillis in anything she cooks. I barely use pepper & that's generally only a dash in soup!

It was a bit like torture, but it tasted nice so I bravely kept eating.

Had to steal some of Justine's rice, and Sukriti suggested I eat some brown sugar (which surprisingly did help a little), to get through it, but I did rather well. ^_^

Justine and Sukriti got quite giggly, but I think it was sleep deprivation/relieved term's nearly over/stress rather than the alcohol.

Justine was flirting with the barman rather a lot - in a drunken-embarrassing-hen-night kind of way, but he seemed to take it quite well & flirted back.

We went shopping afterwards. Had a free sample of fudge from the fudge kitchen - guy gave me a double sample 'cause I said my favourite colour was grey, and then once outside Sukriti gave me the remainder of hers 'cause she doesn't like fudge that much. Neither do I, but no one else would eat it!

Got into H&M and that's where we spent our money - Sukriti's the only one who didn't buy anything.

Fuzzles got a light cream-ish jacket which really suits her & Justine got some needed black-work-trousers. I got a black jacket-ey coat, a cardigan and a tank top.

By then it was 5pm and the shops would be closing so we got the bus home (Fuzzles lives nearby so she walked back).

Unfortunately my trainers are goners. I knew they were wearing away inside, at the ankle, but I thought I'd have longer to find a replacement given I've only had them since xmas & not even worn them that much! I tend to alternate them with my boots, and yet somehow, what took my other pair a good 2+ years to do, has already happened to these ones!

And now I've got a blistered heel. :(

My suitcase is practically packed; just needs my laptop and some more underwear (which is still drying in the airing cupboard). My holdall is also packed, except for my makeup (which I need tomorrow morning). And I'm not taking any of the handbags I've got here, I think I'll grab one from home 'cause none of these are small enough for holiday-handbag-ing.

Tonight is for chilling & finishing off the veg I have in the fridge. And tomorrow is for finishing my packing & then I have until 3:45 to clean the house one more time before I leave.



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