Apr. 11th, 2007

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Y*day was a bit of set-back, in terms of work. I finally got ep 2 of Full House, which of course I had to watch to make sure if def worked this time (my 3rd time to d/l it, so I was v.relieved when it did work!)...and then the drama was so good that I kind of got sucked into watching more.

So, yeah, I got up to ep 7. :/ Oops.

To make up for that I went to bed just gone 11, so I'd be able to get up this morning and do work. Have just finished re-doing my assignment for the Social Organisation of Conversation - 3,514 words.

I'll just need to do the project part, which needs to be about 2,000-3,000, and I've already got 1,269 of those done from last term.

So I'm taking a little break now! XD

Luckily I'm not meant to be seeing J 'til tonight - I think we're watching Ugly Betty and drinking Baileys; which could be cancelled if J's working, but hopefully not 'cause I'm beginning to miss human company again. Anyway, I should be able to finish the project by tonight, and that'll only leave me with essay/essay plan for Consciousness (the no-books in lib one), and possibly New Media & Soc essay.

I don't think I want to do the essay I picked out though - would prefer to do one similar to the Otaku mediapedia entry I had to do during the term, 'cause I've already got my mark back for that and I'd have my notes and stuff as a starting point. Need to track down the list of essays and see what else I can do. Otherwise I probably won't do this essay.

I woke up in such a weird position today - I thought I'd actually dislocated my knee!

My leg was all twisted up, with my foot across and under my other leg, and then I couldn't move it & it really hurt! :(

I think it must have just been dead from the weird position, but I was a bit worried for a min there 'cause I couldn't walk on it at all.

Okay, am now gonna have my breaktime! ^_^

p.s. Simon and Jess are scary - they keep getting up at 7-8am and going and spending the day in the library revising! Am so glad I'm not doing a science degree, and that I'm not in my third year yet.
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This thing is gonna need some major editing by the time it's done!

Already at 3,546 words, which is only over by a 1,000 or so. Think I may have to edit my assignment as well, so then hopefully I'll have a bigger word count to play with for the project.

Now need an ep of Full House to happ-ify me before I go to sleep!


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